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With Flam3D, we are strengthening the 3D printing industry. We are engaged in networking and disseminating knowledge. We connect you with new leads, look after your interests and support you in a variety of ways.

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Looking for info or partners? Over 100 organizations active in the field of 3D printing are affiliated with our non-profit organization. Within our network we always find relevant knowledge and contacts to help you with your 3D challenge.

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Getting started with metal printing? Is this technology something for your company? In just a single evening session you will get an overview of the possibilities and challenges of Additive Manufacturing in metal.

Welcome to the independent 3D-printing platform

As an independent not-for-profit platform, Flam3D exists for all stakeholders who are active in the domain of 3D-printing. We unite, represent and support companies, research institutions, governments and stakeholders.

Flam3D is looking to strengthen value chains, both inside and outside the organization. We are open for companies and organizations interested in 3D-printing and Additive Manufacturing applications. Within our network, we will always find relevant contacts to help you with your 3D challenge.

This page gives an overview of our main activities.

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News & updates

  • MedFIT is the leading European business convention dedicated to innovation partnerships in the fields of medical technology, diagnostics and digital health sector. The event is held on the 25th and 26th of June 2019 in Lille – France, and is gathering 700 international participants from over 25 countries....

  • The aim of the Materialise "3D Printing in Medicine course" is to provide the attendants with practical knowledge on how to start implementing a sustainable and efficient 3D printing workflow in hospitals....

  • De groei van SIM Flanders, Flamac en Flam3D zorgt ervoor dat een vacature hebben voor een M/V Veelzijdige Marketing/Communicatie-medewerker/ster....

  • Nu Additve Manufacturing steeds meer gemeengoed wordt naarmate de prijs van de technologie daalt en mogelijkheden verbeteren, wordt de technologie steeds vaker ingezet in verschillende sectoren. Wat betekent dit alles op het vlak van verzekering?...

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Nothing from 16 June 2019 to 18 July 2019.

Articles & specials (in Dutch)

  • Er wordt veel gesproken over de ongekende mogelijkheden van 3D-printen van metaal. En inderdaad, metaalprinten kent unieke eigenschappen die moeilijk te evenaren vallen met andere productietechnieken. Aan de slag dus… of toch niet zo snel?...

  • In de gereedschapsindustrie is de druk op de kosten hoog. Het beheersen van die kosten kan gedeeltelijk worden bereikt door de productiedoorvoer van de machine te optimaliseren en door afval te verminderen. Daar kan 3D-printen aan bijdragen....

  • By now, most people know the 'traditional' way of 3D metal printing using powderbed fusion. However, there are several other interesting metal 3D printing methods, each with their own possibilities and limitations. Under the motto "knowledge is competitiveness", we highlight another form that is closer to welding: Directed Energy Deposition....

  • 3D-printen wordt gezien als een belangrijke ontwrichtende trend die complete toeleveringsketens zal beïnvloeden. In dit artikel bekijken we enkele implicaties op een belangrijk deelgebied van het hele ketenbeheer: logistiek en warehousing....

Our partners

Over 100 organisations active in 3D-printing in Belgium and the Netherlands are affiliated to Flam3D. All these organisations represent virtually the entire 3D ecosystem: suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, companies that use additive or hybrid manufacturing, schools and research institutes.

Our partner page gives an overview of all these organisations. Looking for the right partner? You’ll find all the useful information about the 3D print landscape in one convenient place, free of charge and accessible to everyone.