3D printed parts and products are used for a wide range of applications and printed parts are quickly making their way into end products. Why? They allow for simplified product design, reduction in weight, complex geometries, and improved part performance. More and more, production challenges can be solved faster, better, and in many instances, at lower cost, using Additive Manufacturing (AM). Implemented properly, AM can significantly lower production costs, reduce material waste, reduce the number of production steps, inventory being held, and minimise the number of distinct parts needed for an assembly.

As confirmed in various reports, Flanders is at the top of the world when it comes to R&D and production in AM. The potential of the technology certainly does not lie exclusively in the (export of) printed parts and the knowledge, materials, or software around them. The true potential of the technology is increasingly dependent on the smart integration in an innovative (and thus more competitive) manufacturing industry.

Making smart combinations of different technologies to create the best end product: That’s what we’re good at in Flanders!

Can’t picture it yet? Enter 3DESK

  • What? A demonstration desk to welcome you into the world of AM.
  • How? A unique combination of standard industry profiles and AM technologies using 3D printed parts with small and large dimensions.
  • Why? Discover the possibilities, combinations, and versatility of AM. Not only of the technology itself, but also the many opportunities you as a company can benefit from using AM. Enterprising in the manufacturing industry is about making the smartest combination of different technologies. 3DESK demonstrates this in a tangible manner.

“The combination of design and material knowledge in 3D printing enables companies to improve existing products, bring added value or cost savings to their business.”

Kris Binon, Director at Flam3D

“We would like people to stop and think to themselves: “Why have I been designing the same way over and over again?”

Joachim Antonissen, General Manager at Guaranteed

“3DESK shows to the world how much can be found in the Flemish-Dutch region when it comes to Additive Manufacturing.”

Robin Houben, Manager at Formando

The technologies used

Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

WAAM is a form of Additive Manufacturing that uses welding wire and a welding robot to build XXXL metal parts at unrivalled build speed and cost. The technology is known and used for providing an economic and ecologic solution for structural parts and cost-effective repair or remanufacturing. Moreover, the technology offers almost unlimited design possibilities.

“3Desk provided a great opportunity to demonstrate on miniature scale how innovation in construction can be supported by WAAM 3D printing. We hope the booth will trigger people to rethink and challenge conventional construction options.”

Joachim Antonissen, General Manager at Guaranteed

The connectors connected

The profiles used are solid, high-quality beams in recycled plastic produced by Govaerts Recycling, which fit in perfectly with the recycling aspect of the 3DESK: 1 large reusable (exhibition) demonstrator, manufactured from 3D printed and recycled parts.

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

In FFF/FDM, the material runs through a heated nozzle and is deposited layer by layer on a build platform. By moving the nozzle or the platform, the desired part is built. Available materials include ABS, Nylon, PC, PEEK, PET, PLA and TPU. Some of the most noted advantages of the technology include design freedom, waste reduction, the ability to print lightweight and on-site, as well as benefits in terms of stock management. Moreover, the relatively limited/low cost of certain parts or geometries allows for increasing series production. This is mainly due to advantages such as cost reduction and process improvement.

“We want to show that 3D-printing is a fantastic technique to make things exactly how you want it, even for bigger structures like the 3DESK. People must understand what it really means ‘to be custom made’!”

Robin Houben, Manager at Formando

“We hope the booth will trigger people to rethink and challenge conventional construction options.”

Kris Binon, Director at Flam3D

3DESK demonstrates only a selection of the technologies and possibilities of Additive Manufacturing. Yes, you’ve guessed it: There’s much more to discover.

Need to know how your company can be helped with 3D printing?


Formando is a young 3D printing service company. Armed with technical know-how and a diverse range of 3D printing and other manufacturing technologies, Formando provides its services to the professional market focusing primarily on the (manufacturing) industry, architects, marketing agencies and artists. The company’s services consist of design and 3D print production. Design can range from the complete development of new products, starting from a customer idea, over reverse engineering, to optimisation of customer designs. They produce prototypes, tools and one-off parts as well as series using various 3D printing techniques and in a large variety of materials. The focus is on FDM techniques and applications where the price is paramount and larger series are desired. Thanks to their large number of in-house printers, Formando is always able to help you in a swift and flexible manner.

Aarschotsesteenweg 449, B-3012 Wilsele (Belgium)
+32 (0)16 88 61 58

“Clients come to us with an idea, specifications or goals and we translate it into design, products, or a simple part. 3D-printing is our core business, but this is backed up with laser cutting, coating, and colouring, milling and many other techniques that may be required.”

Robin Houben, Manager at Formando


GUARANTEED was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of OCAS, Finindus and ArcelorMittal Belgium with the ambition to create value for its customers by repairing, refurbishing, or (re)manufacturing large metal parts using WAAM technology that can extend their life or reduce the unavailability of industrial facilities. GUARANTEED’s focus is on the repair and remanufacturing of large spare parts that cannot be repaired or manufactured economically using conventional techniques. This makes it possible to extend the service life of ageing industrial equipment, thereby avoiding long delivery times and storage costs.

J.F. Kennedylaan 3, 9060 Zelzate (Belgium)
+32 473 30 19 28


Flam3D is the independent not-for-profit platform for all stakeholders active in 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing in Flanders and the Netherlands. The organisation unites, represents, and supports more than 125 3D printing companies, research institutions and stakeholders, of which about 70 in Flanders. Flam3D is looking to strengthen value chains, both inside and outside the organisation. We are open for companies and organisations interested in 3D-printing and Additive Manufacturing applications. Within our network, we will always find relevant contacts to help you with your 3D challenge. 

Technologiepark 48, 9052 Zwijnaarde (Belgium)
+32 468 298 872

“Guaranteed provides its customers with a unique, cost efficient and environmentally friendly way of producing or repairing large metal parts. This allows to extend the lifetime of industrial installations or to reduce the warehousing costs.”

Joachim Antonissen, General Manager at Guaranteed

3DESK was created by

“We really enjoyed how the multidisciplinary of the consortium resulted in synergies beyond expectations. As a networking organisation with about 125 members, we are committed to creating such synergies every day, for our members and for the 3D printing industry as a whole.”

Kris Binon, Director at Flam3D

With support of Flanders Investment & Trade