Vital Mask

3ID printing launches Vital Mask

The company 3ID Printing from Zedelgem, specialised in 3D printing prototypes and small to medium-sized series, has launched a fully customised mouth mask called ‘Vital Mask’. The mask is made using a facial scan and is durable. This is how Vital Mask distinguishes itself from many other mouth masks.

Vital Mask is a durable, personalised and customised mouth mask specifically designed for the prevention of the COVID-19 virus. Manager of 3ID Dave Vanhove explains: “With Vital Mask, we’ve designed a mouth mask that perfectly matches the shape of a person’s face by using a facial scan. As a result, the user does not experience the mask as distracting while at work or in leisure.” The user can easily obtain the face scan in three ways: via the Bellus 3D app (only available for Apple devices), via Meshroom (a free, open-source 3D reconstruction software) or at 3ID itself.


Vital Mask is always reusable. This makes the mouth mask durable and at the same time unique compared to many other mouth masks. Only the filter needs to be replaced and each filter can be used for up to four hours. The mask maintains its shape up to a temperature of 140° and is easy to clean.

Facial scan

An additional advantage of Vital Mask is that people with glasses will perceive less vapour on their glasses wearing this mask as opposed to using a surgical mouth mask. Thanks to the facial scan, the mouth mask perfectly matches the shape of the user’s face.

More information about the new mask can be found at