Intentieverklaring Mikrocentrum en Flam3D

A stronger 3D printing network thanks to collaboration between Flam3D and Mikrocentrum

During the last Techcafe of 2022, Mikrocentrum and Flam3D signed a declaration of intent to strengthen their cooperation in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). This cooperation aims to boost innovation and collaboration in the high-tech and manufacturing industry and strengthen the position of the Dutch and Belgian 3D printing network. Flam3D is immensely proud of this collaboration, which opens up new opportunities in several areas.

Collaboration essential to stimulate innovation

The high-tech and manufacturing industry is one of the most complex sectors in the world, where it is essential to have the right knowledge, partners and inspiration to keep innovating. By connecting the networks of Mikrocentrum and Flam3D, we can further stimulate cooperation and innovation. The cooperation focuses, among other things, on developing a learning community and offering joint master classes, lectures and specific components for events.

Strengthen position of Dutch and Belgian 3D printing networks

The letter of intent highlights the strength of the joint 3D printing network in the Benelux region. The Netherlands and Belgium are known for their leading role in Additive Manufacturing and the cooperation will strengthen this position. The declaration of intent between Mikrocentrum and Flam3D focuses on the development of a learning community that contributes to the international positioning and competence development of each other’s supporters. This is done, among other things, by offering joint master classes, lectures and specific parts for events around themes such as digitalisation and system integration of end-to-end production lines. Joint communication around program components is also being worked on.

AM towards the next step

According to Bert-Jan Woertman, director of Mikrocentrum, it is now important to take the next step in implementing AM technology in the value chain: “Collaborations such as with Flam3D and the linked network of ambitious manufacturing companies are essential for this.”

Director Kris Binon of Flam3D emphasises that the industry has now fully developed Additive Manufacturing techniques into a full-fledged manufacturing technology, opening up new possibilities in terms of design freedoms and ecologically responsible manufacturing. By joining forces and networking, they all win and create an AM ecosystem that leads the world. Flam3D looks forward to the future opportunities this collaboration opens up.