ALtair Inspire Platform

Accelerating simulation-based design with Altair Inspire Studio 2021


Design8 bv, distributor of 3D design and visualisation software on Mac and PC in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and member of Flam3D, offers a new product in its portfolio to help with successful 3D printing: Altair Inspire Studio 2021. The package claims to help industrial designers reduce costs, development time, material usage and product weight.

Altair InspireTM is a topology optimisation software, used to form and explore constructively efficient concepts in the early stages of the design process. The software should enable simulation analysts as well as design engineers and architects to perform ‘what-if’ studies more quickly and easily and reduce product time-to-market.

The Altair Inspire Studio package is versatile and contains everything an industrial designer needs: free design based on polygons and SubD NURBS, but also very precise drawing with, among others, surface modelling and solid modelling. In addition, the programme remembers the complete design history, so that it is always possible to return to an earlier stage of the design and, for example, to adjust that one curve. In this way, the entire design is updated in real time. To finally present the design, Inspire Studio’s rendering engine creates beautiful images and complex animations in real-time with physically correct lighting.

Recently, Altair launched the 2021 edition of their all-in-one industrial design solution – as they describe it themselves – namely Altair Inspire Studio. The 2021 edition includes some new features that help with modelling, sketching and rendering, as well as features on PolyNURBS and mould design. When modelling, you can now use, for example, the new “push/pull tool” that allows you to modify designs that have no construction history. With “push pull”, surfaces can be moved, changing the size or shape of the design. Other features during sketching include the new mirror tool to mirror selected sketch objects around a selected centre line and the constraint legend for sketching which indicates which sketch curves are ‘determined, underdetermined, overdetermined, fixed or imported’. With the new ‘mini move tool in PolyNURBS’, selected vertices, edges or surfaces can be moved or scaled, and in mould design, constraints for symmetry can be defined before the mould surface is determined with the new ‘symmetry tool’.

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