Additive Manufacturing Design for Automotive Workshop

What about Additive Manufacturing in the automotive industry today? In the past, it was the car manufacturers that were one of the first to apply 3D printing technology. 3D printing has supported the industry to such an extent that development cycles of new models and variants have been considerably shortened. E-mobility and autonomous driving are now shifting the focus even more towards Additive Manufacturing and are even opening up new opportunities for the application of AM in this industry. Weight saving is becoming more important and the lack of the combustion engine opens up new design possibilities. So, what exactly about AM design for automotive end users? Come and discover it at the Additive Manufacturing Design for Automotive Workshop on Tuesday 29 October from 13:00 to 14:30 p.m.

During Technology for Automotive, Flam3D members K3D, Additive Centre, HP and Materialise, together with Additive Industries, will host an AM-design workshop focused on series production for automotive end users. In a crash course you will learn about the main printing technologies for the automotive industry and several generic design principles. In addition, you will gain insight into the development methodology and strategy of a few realistic use cases from the industry. In the last hour of the workshop you will learn how to conceptualise several relevant use cases for your own company. This will be done in small groups and with the assistance of an experienced AM designer. Through the workshop, the organisers want to provide concrete results in the form of useful knowledge. This makes the workshop interesting for end users from the manufacturing industry with experience in product development, design, engineering, purchase and manufacturing.

Interested? More info and registration for the workshop can be done via this link.

The workshop takes place during the Technology for Automotive event. Would you like to know more about this event dedicated to the innovative automotive industry? Feel free to take a look at the website.