Additive Manufacturing in the spotlight at AMBITION event

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Flam3D member University of Applied Sciences Windesheim, GreenPAC and Perron038 will organize the AMBITION Event. At this closing event of the AMBITION-Zwolle and GreenPac 3D metal printing project the experiences gained during the project will be shared. The meeting will focus on sharing knowledge about metal printing and everyone, from layman to expert, is welcome to join. During the closing event, Flam3D, embodied by Kris Binon, will also be on stage with a contribution on “how” and “why” manufacturing companies can take the step towards 3D printing.

AMBITION, which stands for Additive Manufacturing Business Impact and Technology Innovation, provides students and businesses with an incubator for innovative and creative applications of 3D printing technologies. State-of-the-art knowledge of Industry 4.0 is gathered and practical knowledge is gained by exploring and testing 3D printing technology.

University of Applied Sciences Windesheim has been investing heavily in education and research projects on Additive Manufacturing since 2011. Besides a strong knowledge position, the projects of the lectorate Plastics Technology (Lectoraat Kunststoftechnologie) also deliver demonstrators and accessible publications for SMEs. With the Additive Manufacturing Hub Windesheim and Perron038 join forces. Windesheim’s new 3D metal printer forms the heart of the hub.

The Lectorate Plastics Technology and Perron038 are jointly striving to make 3D metal printing technology applicable to SMEs in the East of the Netherlands. In a three-year project, knowledge and experience have been developed to make the technology accessible, understandable and practical for the manufacturing industry. Some great results have been achieved and these will now be shared with the general public during the AMBITION Event.

Flam3D is happy to support ambitious projects and events within the AM industry and would like to do its part to help. Kris Binon zooms in on the reasons why manufacturing companies should consider the technology, and discusses how they can then get started in an effective way.What to expect at the AMBITION event:

  • Learn from the experiences gained during the three-year AMBITION project
  • Gain knowledge from experts of the Lectorate, Flam3D and K3D
  • ‘Touch and judge’ different demonstrators
  • Visit the facility with one of the largest powder bed 3D-metal printers in the Netherlands
  • Meet experts and new contacts to work with

Want more info or to participate? More details and the possibility to register can be found here.