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Additive Manufacturing Insights Webinar Flam3D

On Tuesday 15 June 2021 Flam3D organized the online Additive Manufacturing Insights Webinar: an insider update on 3D printing by AMPOWER and TÜV-SÜD. The keynote guest speakers Gregor Reischle and Maximilian Munsch shared their insights about standardization on the one hand and the AMPOWER metal and polymer 3D printing report on the other hand. You missed the webinar, or you want to watch the presentations again? No problem. Via this page you can watch the recording again.

Those who are active in the 3D printing industry know that the playing field is changing rapidly and that it is therefore no excessive luxury to catch up on an update here and there. For this reason, Flam3D invited two keynote speakers from the AM industry to share their insights during an online webinar: Gregor Reischle, Global head of Industrial Additive Manufacturing at TÜV-SÜD, and Dr. Maximilian Munsch, Co-founder and Managing Partner at AMPOWER. After a short introduction by Flam3D, both speakers took the floor and afterwards participants had the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session with each speaker. The ensuing debate was very interesting.

TÜV-SÜD has become a reference on Additive Manufacturing standardisation. Gregor Reischle explained during the webinar why standardisation matters, for every business. Gregor has been active in the field of Additive Manufacturing since 2008. He is also at the heart of the DIN, ISO and ASTM standards development, being the convener of the JG 75 (Quality assured production) and JG 80 (concrete 3d printing) within the TC 261. As well as participating in other industry specific standardisation activities within the medical ISO TC 150 and personal qualification. In other words, he has more than enough expertise to discuss the so-called “boring” subject of standardisation from a market perspective during the event.

AMPOWER has quickly gained worldwide appreciation for their reliable, intelligent reports on the Additive Manufacturing market. The AMPOWER team has finalised its 2021 issue of the AMPOWER Report. For the first time, the Report has been extended to the global polymer market. During his Flam3D presentation, Dr. Maximilian Munsch presented key findings of the 2021 Report and answered questions on the past year’s development and future market outlook.

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