AM Solutions nieuwe S1-systeem

AM Solutions presents new generation S1 post processing system

AM Solutions has recently developed a new generation of the S1 post processing system. With this system AM Solutions wants to set new standards for de-powdering and cleaning of printed 3D components: more consistent results, higher efficiency and cleaner workpieces. This makes the cost-efficient plug-and-play unit ideal for automatic de-powdering and cleaning of small to mid-size workpiece volumes.

Plastic components printed with powder based 3D printing technology require complete removal of residual powder and excellent surface preparation. This is essential for the success of subsequent production steps such as painting or coating. AM Solutions – 3D post-processing technology, a division of the Rösler group specializing in post processing, has therefore completely redesigned its S1 surface treatment system. The new machine design makes it possible to easily switch from automatic to manual operation without time consuming re-tooling. This can be particularly useful for processing larger individual components. The design also ensures that the operator is not exposed to any moving parts so that no additional safety features are required.

The next generation of the S1 surface treatment system includes new features such as a swivel-mounted rotary basket for ergonomic and dirt-free loading and unloading of workpieces, swivel-mounted blast nozzles preventing re-contamination, and ATEX-compliant equipment for de-powdering and cleaning plastic parts. Thanks to the antistatic polyurethane coating, motors and valves that comply with ATEX standards and a relatively low noise emission with airtight machine doors, this new version also includes integrated health, work and component protection. The compact S1 also features an integrated media classification system. Only a consistently high media quality ensures high quality shot blast results. More in-depth information about the new features can be found on the AM Solutions website.