AMGTA Partnership

AMGTA & Flam3D join forces

On 18 January 2022, Flam3D and the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) signed a cooperation agreement. Through a mutual membership, the organizations aim to strengthen sustainability within the AM industry. Besides the fact that Flam3D wants to increase sustainability within the Benelux AM-ecosystem via this international initiative, the partnership also has specific advantages for its members.

Launched at Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) is a non-commercial organization focused on promoting the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing (AM). The nonprofit organization, originated in the USA, seeks to educate the public and industry about the environmental benefits of 3D printing. Furthermore, the AMGTA seeks to promote the adoption of additive manufacturing as an alternative to traditional manufacturing, develop best practices for AM, and help its members grow their businesses and acquire new customers. In order to accomplish these goals, the AMGTA sponsors research focused on environmental sustainability and publishes and shares the results.

Sustainability is increasingly getting the attention it deserves and crosses national borders. It is an issue that concerns all of the AM industry and “is gaining momentum as more companies strive to improve their eco-footprint”, as Sherry Handel, Executive Director of the AMGTA points out.

Flam3D recognizes the AMGTA as the international leader in AM sustainability with partners and projects all over the globe. As a Benelux AM association representing over 125 companies, research and educational institutes, Flam3D tries to connect its members with relevant initiatives and topics that are or could be of interest to them. “We acknowledge the importance of environmental sustainability, and the fact that this is a global challenge. Apart from our regional initiatives and actions towards increased sustainability, we believe it is important to connect internationally and to acknowledge the logic of having one sole international “organisation in charge”. We believe connecting our members to the AMGTA, informing them about the benefits of membership and spreading information on sustainability to our part of the global AM community, are important steps that we, as an organization, can take in order to contribute to sustainability”, explains Kris Binon, director of Flam3D.

The mutual membership is also beneficial for all members of Flam3D. First and foremost, because Flam3D is linking the organization – and thus its members – to the AMGTA, which is recognized as the key AM industry resource committed to advancing sustainability in additive manufacturing. The AMGTA regulary publishes research findings and shares them with its members and the general public. This way Flam3D-members can benefit from the knowledge and expertise built up and disseminated by AMGTA and stay abreast of best practices on how to improve the ecological footprint of AM internationally. In addition, members themselves can also pass on good environmental practices via Flam3D.

Flam3D is proud of the mutual membership and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with the AMGTA .

“I’m excited to welcome aboard Flam3D, representing Benelux as the regional additive manufacturing association, as the 40th member to our esteemed global trade consortium! Flam3D wholeheartedly supports our mission, and along with our other members provides a solid foundation as we continue to grow and strategically invest in environmental sustainability research projects in additive manufacturing. I look forward to partnering with Flam3D as we expand the AMGTA as the key industry resource committed to advancing sustainability in the AM industry”, adds Sherry Handel, Executive Director of AMGTA.