Attend webinar INSIDE Metal AM

Looking for insights into 3D metal printing? Take part in the webinar INSIDE AM on Tuesday 27 October, from 15:00 to 16:00. On the one hand, the online event is aimed at everyone who is familiar with making and using 3D printed parts, but still has questions. On the other hand, the webinar is also meant for people who still have to discover the technology and want to take their first steps in the world of metal printing. The event is organised as part of the INSIDE Metal AM project of Flam3D members CRM and BIL, together with Sirris, and will be held in English. Flam3D member ENGIE is a guest speaker at the event.

Although 3D printing is increasingly becoming a mature technology, many questions remain unanswered. Which material and which technology is most suitable for my application? Do I need to post-process my pieces? How do I handle powders? … The rapidly evolving landscape makes it difficult for interested and potential users to find their way around the technology. That is why Flam3D members CRM and BIL, together with Sirris, started the project INSIDE Metal AM. The project is specifically aimed at printing steel and is a combination of practice-based research, gaining experience through demos and capturing those experiences and guidelines. The project addresses three different technologies (WAAM, LMD and SLM) and a number of steel grades. As part of this project, the organisations will now organise an online webinar on 27 October.

The webinar is intended to give participants a quick overview of a number of important issues in 3D metal printing. To this end, the first part of the event will focus on the experience already gained within the INSIDE Metal AM project. Guidelines on material selection and the quality of powders, printing of some demonstrators and insights into possible post-treatments will be shared. Afterwards guest speaker Steve Nardone, Thematic Lab Manager Metal Additive Manufacturing at Flam3D member ENGIE, will elaborate on the process from idea/design to finished 3D printed part with special attention to qualification and certification. After the presentations, participants will have the opportunity to talk to an expert within the INSIDE Metal AM project. To do so, please tick the relevant box when registering. Participation in the webinar is free of charge, but registration is required.

Interested? More information and the possibility to register can be found here.