Onderzoeksproject VIVES en BIL

“Best of both worlds”: connecting additive manufactured and conventional metal components

Additive and conventional manufacturing are still too often considered rivals, while the combination of both may have the greatest potential. In this perspective, the Belgian Institute for Welding Technique (BIL) and VIVES Hogeschool are starting a research project on the weldability of additive and conventional manufactured components. Your company can be part of the support group. There are a lot of advantages that come with this:

  • Priority treatment of cases from companies in the support group;
  • Great opportunity to discover the possibilities of Metal Additive Manufacturing;
  • Representation in an interdisciplinary team, where various actors from the business world are present;
  • Active participation in an innovative project;
  • Access to the latest insights and developments in this area

Who is qualified?

Specifically, VIVES and BIL are looking for companies that want to participate in the project support group. Companies/mechanical engineers/constructors who make use of and companies interested in metal printing are eligible. It concerns for example a wide range of companies from suppliers of machines to software and accessories (gas, wire, powders), but also design and engineering offices.

By taking into account the strengths of both metal 3D printing (MetalAM) and conventional techniques (sheet metal working, casting, machining), the organizations want to find answers to questions within the following themes:

  • Connection between metal printed parts and conventionally manufactured parts;
  • Guidelines for the optimal combination of conventional and AM techniques;
  • Repair of additive manufactured parts by welding;
  • Consequences of the applied welding process/joint on the (mechanical) properties of the parts and on the connection itself.

Interested? All info and conditions can be found on the website of the project.