BIO INX starter van het jaar O-VL

Bio Inx East Flanders start-up of the year

Entrepreneurs’ organisation UNIZO has elected Flam3D member Bio Inx as East Flanders Starter of the Year. The start-up is a spin-off company from Ghent University that focuses on commercialising materials and bio-inks for 3D bioprinting or biofabrication by drawing on decades of academic experience in polymers and biomaterials.

Bio Inx is developing inks to 3D-print living cells and tissues. The printed organisms can be used to test drugs or cosmetics, for example. Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of Bio Inx, hopes to expand the applications of its ink in the future to print structures that can replace donor organs.

Bio Inx’s technology has the potential to radically change the medical sector. Printing mini-organs with Bio Inx’s ink can offer an alternative to animal testing, which has long been a source of controversy within the scientific community. Bio Inx offers an ethically sound solution and offers future opportunities for personalised medicine.

Would you like to find out more about BIO INX and their 3D printing technology? Then click through via this link and read the full article.