Aworth Award (English)

Durable and original: custom-made awards 3D printing

Aworth: from idea to tailor-made 3D award

This is the year to put colleagues, customers or associates in the limelight with an award, trophy or gift. With the launch of Aworth, an exclusive 3D printed award is within reach. Aworth is the one-stop-shop for 3D printed awards, trophies and gifts and provides customised options in both design and execution.

An award touches people, it generates positive reactions and it creates bonding and connection. Moreover, presenting an award provides long-term visibility and publicity for an event or company. With the launch of Aworth, the one-stop shop for 3D printed awards, trophies and gifts is a reality. Aworth designs and produces the 3D printed awards completely bespoke. The awards can be ordered as unique and in series. Clients can discuss their wishes and ideas. A proposal is made in 3D on that. After approval and checking, the award is 3D printed at a professional 3D printing company.

Why 3D print an award?

3D printing an award, offers unique possibilities in design and execution. With 3D printing an award, trophy or business gift, for example, it is very easy to personalise the model with a name, but also on colour, shape and material. Moreover, an innovative trophy gives that little bit extra to an event or competition.

Award 3D printing? A sustainable choice

3D printing an award is also a responsible choice. 3D printing is a sustainable technique because waste products are kept to a minimum and the material is reused (zero/less waste). The 3D printing process is therefore completely sustainable and has no unnecessary material loss. For the base, we work with certified wood. Production takes place domestically, minimising transport costs. This ensures that no unnecessary stock is needed and the award can be ordered on demand.

Aworth is the one-stop shop for 3D printed awards, trophies and gifts. They design and produce awards completely tailor-made. Awards can be ordered as one-offs and in series. Aworth is a collaboration between Van Uffelen Design & Consultancy and Flam3D member Oceanz 3D Printing.