3D-printing in schools

Getting started with 3D-printing in your classroom or school? Good idea! Good preparation is key. On our special site you will find a lot of basic information about 9 themes to get started.

A lot of schools are getting started with 3D-printing to achieve their STEM goals, and that’s good news! 3D-printing is an ideal way to give shape to your ideas right away. In addition to experiencing technology, pupils also come into contact with physics, chemistry, mathematics and visual education. They start imagining, inventing, designing, preparing, building, testing and (re)using. A 3D-printer also stimulates a curious, inquiring and problem-solving attitude.

There is a lot to be found on the internet about 3D-printing, but what was missing as yet was a website with independent Dutch-language information. That’s why Flam3D published onderwijs.flam3d.be. On that website you will find a lot of basic information about 9 themes to get started. That website contains information written by us, and by our members (educational institutions and companies), but all information was peer-reviewed by competitors. In this way we monitor the independence of the information on the website.

Want to learn how to design and print yourself? Follow a training course!

Digital production techniques, and especially 3D-printing, are often presented as driving forces for the next industrial revolution. Discover the right training for your needs on this page and upgrade your skills as a 3D-print expert.

In order to meet the growing demand for further education and training in 3D-printing, we launched a web page that provides an overview of courses in Flanders to facilitate the search for suitable training.

For Flam3D members, the web page also offers a great opportunity to put their training in the spotlight. After submission, we check all data after which we will publish the training as soon as possible.

Tailor-made information for your organisation or event?

Flam3D regularly gives specific lectures, presentations and information sessions on request. An information session about the future of 3D-printing in the sanitary sector? An overview of the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing in the sports world? All different printing technologies explained and compared? Then you are at the right address!

As a sector-wide association we have a broad view of the 3D-printing ecosystem This enables us to talk about a large number of topics. In addition, we are brand-independent, which means that in our sessions we always try to provide the broadest possible overview of the range of products, applications and technologies available on the market.

Presenting an overview of the possibilities, applications and possible obstacles of Additive Manufacturing? That is one of our goals! Please feel free to contact us for more information.