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Expand your knowledge at Jakajima’s printing events

A new year means new opportunities to acquire knowledge: Jakajima, organizer/initiator of conferences and events in the high-tech industry, is soon organizing 2 interesting printing events. On February 22nd, the 4D Printing & Meta Materials conference with focus on new forms of matter will take place and later, from March 29th to 30th, you can attend the 3D Medical Printing Series on innovations in healthcare. Find out below why you do not want to miss these events. PS. Flam3D members can attend with a 20% discount!

4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference | February 22, 2022, online

At the edge of new forms of matter

We are at the edge of a new episode, where technological breakthroughs allow us to create, investigate and dream of a total new range of structured forms of matter.

The 4D Printing & Meta Materials conference will explore the current possibilities, research, skills, and market requirements of 4D Printing and mechanical meta materials. These areas offer tremendous opportunities not only for engineers, but also for designers, as many new applications will arise. Smart materials will solve design/engineering problems, which are often caused by limitations of current materials.

Academics, engineers, designers, and managers will be present at the conference to lecture on their state-of-the-art developments and future prospects or to display their products and offers as exhibitors. The conference offers information and networking on the following topics: 1) 4D printing: from idea to full functionality, 2) smart materials / meta materials and 3) applications and opportunities for designing and engineering. Furthermore, the conference facilitates the building of future partnerships.

The conference takes place online from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Would you like to learn more about 4D printing? Registration is possible on this registration page.

3D Medical Printing Series | March 29-30, 2022, hybrid: Mikrocentrum & online

Innovations in healthcare

3D printing changes our healthcare. All the more reason to keep an eye on these innovations! Jakajima’s 3D Medical Printing Series includes four conferences on healthcare innovation and 3D printing.

Doctors, nurses, engineers, dentists, researchers, designers, academics, hospital managers, medical professionals, regulators, and medical product suppliers will present their state-of-the-art developments and future projects and/or display their products and offers at the exhibit. The audience, a mix of academics, medical professionals, business and technology professionals, regulators, and creatives, will get an excellent overview on and insight in the medical developments both clinically, technically, and academically. The medical conference will thus provide a platform for the exchange of information on market requirements, research interests and current results, skills and resources and aim to facilitate the building of future partnerships in the field.

The 8th edition consists of a series of medical conferences on 4 different topics: 1) 3D Bioprinting, 2) 3D Medtech Printing (surgical guides, prostheses, hearing aids, medical devices …), 3) 3D Pharma Printing and 4) 3D Dental Printing. The speaker program is a nice mix of academic, industry and end users. Click on the respective links for more information on each individual conference.

The conference will take place in hybrid form (Mikrocentrum and online) and there will also be room for exhibition stands. Would you like to attend the event? Registration is possible on this registration page.

PS. Flam3D members can participate in the abovementioned events with a 20% discount! Contact us to receive your discount code.