SmartCAM FIS Robotics: André Hazes

FIS Robotics lowers the threshold for 3D robot printing and robot milling

Belgian company FIS Robotics, automates the translation of any standard CAD file into a code to operate a robot. SmartCAM converts CAD models, STL files and G codes into robot tracks that can be used to mill large objects as well as 3D print them. Specific knowledge of robot programming is not required. This lowers the threshold for 3D robot printing.

Anyone who happened to be on Dam Square in Amsterdam at the end of June could not have missed it: a life-size Lego statue of André Hazes, who would have turned 69 on 30 June. The statue was designed by artist Frankey. He was asked by the entrepreneurs association Dam to make a work of art to decorate the concrete blocks that serve as entry barriers. Dutch Deco Finish milled the image of the Amsterdam folk singer using SmartCAM, a development by Flam3D member FIS Robotics. The system enables you to generate programs for a robot automatically, without the intervention of designers or programmers.

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