3D Print Magazine & Flam3D

Flam3D and 3D Print Magazine join forces

3D Print Magazine and Flam3D have decided to collaborate intensively in order to further strengthen the AM industry in the Benelux. The independent trade association for the 3D printing industry in the Benelux will from now on have a fixed place in 3D Print Magazine. The magazine becomes the external communication channel for Flam3D.

3D Print Magazine is the most important trade magazine focusing on additive production in the region; Flam3D, as an independent regional trade association/sector organisation, mainly plays a role in connecting, networking and representing the sector. Franc Coenen, editor-in-chief 3D Print Magazine, believes the collaboration is a logical step: “3D Print Magazine and Flam3D both have the further development of additive production in mind, from basic research to implementation in industrial, healthcare and other sectors. In that respect, the cooperation is just logical. We will bring information and networking together to bring more interaction and movement to this emerging market”.

Win-win for the region

On the side of Flam3D, Kris Binon, director, further complements this vision: “We always look forward to win-win partnerships that benefit the regional business community. This cooperation is a textbook example in this respect. He also emphasizes the importance for his own organisation: “Flam3D did not yet have a regular channel for its external communication, outside its own websites. 3D Print Magazine has a long tradition of thorough journalism on the subject of AM and is therefore the ideal information channel for our sector organisation / sector association:”The collaboration is also motivated by the fact that Flam3D has been focusing on the Netherlands since the beginning of this year, a development that both warmly welcome. Kris Binon: “Especially in this rapidly developing sector we, as the Netherlands and Flanders, must join forces and refrain from duplicating our efforts, so that a strong AM industry can develop in this region”.

Benefits for members

In concrete terms, Flam3D will use the magazine as a preferred channel for their external communication. The members of Flam3D get interesting conditions for advertising space in the magazine and on the website. Of course, both organisations will also inform each other more intensively about interesting news or market analyses, insofar as confidential agreements allow this. By becoming a member of Flam3D, 3D Print Magazine will be in direct contact with the other members, while the latter will also get a more direct link to the specialist magazine. However, both organizations emphasize the importance of their neutrality, in reporting and contacts.

What can you expect from 3D-Print Magazine and Flam3D?

With 3,850 subscribers to the magazine (a total of just under 10,000 readers) and 4,500 unique visitors to the website every month, 3D Print Magazine has an impressive reach among 3D printing and manufacturing companies. It is the 3D-print news source of the Benelux. The magazine will also be distributed among the members of Flam3D and in addition they will receive a 15% discount on advertising space.

Flam3D will make the magazine the centrepiece of its external communication, with a contribution to each edition. Flam3D will also provide a forum for start-ups and smaller companies. With approximately 70 companies and 10 research institutes being members of the organisation, Flam3D will naturally remain the independent partner for your 3D printing challenge.