Design to Manufacturing 2022

Flam3D and Design to Manufacturing launch Café 3D: highly addi(c)tive

An interesting offer, both for Flam3D members and visitors

On 21 and 22 September Flam3D will be present at Design to Manufacturing, formerly known as Prototyping-MNE. Flam3D will be actively contributing to the 3D printing component of the event. It is a service-oriented collaboration: Flam3D will be the go-to point for neutral and independent knowledge on 3D printing with the aim of making our manufacturing industry more competitive. Moreover, Flam3D members can participate with a member discount!

With Café 3D: highly addi(c)tive, Flam3D, in collaboration with the organisation, hosts a networking and info point to help interested parties with neutral, independent advice on and contacts within Additive Manufacturing (AM). Flam3D-members can join with a member discount. This is not only beneficial for the visitors and the concept itself, but also for your own exposure: one central point for information on AM, where visitors immediately can find concrete products and cases of Flam3D members.

Plattegrond D2M

It concerns a 3D-themed zone at the D2M fair in an easy step-in formula. Flam3D members can participate in the fair for € 1,600 (instead of € 1,750 for non-members) on the group stand of Flam3D. Members who want to have their own stand – outside the theme zone – can also enjoy the member discount. Curious what the D2M step-in formula for €1.600 entails?  Read more in this document. Are you a Flam3D member and interested in participating? Then be sure to contact us!

Exhibitor or visitor, Café 3D has a lot to offer: info point, knowledge sharing centre and meeting area with concrete suppliers and products. Visitors will discover at a glance how they can become more competitive with AM, for both design and manufacturing purposes. In addition to hosting the 3D theme zone, Flam3D will also serve as a content partner of Design to Manufacturing and provide a number of expert classes.

What is Design to Manufacturing (D2M)?

The Design to Manufacturing fair was previously known as the Prototyping-MNE networking fair, but was given a complete makeover for this edition. In 2020, Prototyping-MNE was a combination of the two fairs Machineering Network Event (manufacturing technology) and Prototyping (industrial design and prototyping).

The new value chain of the smart manufacturing company, committed to innovation with a short time-to-market, requires, according to the exhibition organiser Industrialfairs and partners, a dynamic and digital integration of all relevant processes combined with the use of innovative production and design techniques. Departments such as design, engineering, prototyping, planning, maintenance, production, supply chain, assembly, logistics, sales and after-sales are becoming one interactive platform of people and technologies. New technologies such as generative design, additive manufacturing, connected and AI-driven manufacturing equipment, predictive maintenance … are therefore increasingly being adopted in all layers of industry.

The new name Design to Manufacturing clearly expresses the purpose of the fair: Design to Manufacturing is the networking event where designers and product developers as well as production-related department heads find a representative range of solutions developed in the Benelux to connect all the dots between designing and manufacturing.

Are you interested in the networking event? More detailed information, the exhibitors and the program can be found on the website of the fair.