Flam3D launches market research FGF printers

Flam3D is committed to increasing the use of Additive Manufacturing. This for example by dissemination of independent information, networking, participation in trade fairs and information events – nowadays online or offline … For this purpose, we also carry out market research every now and then. Recently, for example, we did so regarding the use of Additive Manufacturing in the manufacturing industry in the Benelux area. You can download the (Dutch language) report here. Of course, there is much more to study and discover within the 3D printing landscape. To uncover and understand another part of this landscape, Flam3D would now like to take a closer look at FGF printing.

In this case, the organisation wants to focus its efforts towards the right potential end-users and connect supply and demand more efficiently. Flam3D does not promote individual machines or technologies but works in the interest of the general AM ecosystem. Therefore, we invite you to fill out our independent study of the FGF landscape. All respondents can have access to the results after the end of the survey, if desired. To do so, please contact us at kris.binon@flam3d.org.


Do you want to help the 3D printing industry grow? Take 6 minutes to complete the survey via this link.

PS. Do you know people or companies/organisations who should definitely fill out this survey? Make sure you send them this message or the survey link!