Flam3D member Poly Products is tackling 3D printing on an even grander scale with the launch of their new brand: ENLARG3D

Poly Products introduces ENLARG3D as their new brand name to bring all activities related to 3D printing to the market. Flam3D member Poly Products is since 1969 manufacturer of high quality moulded parts, structures and coatings of fibre reinforced plastic composites. 3D printing as a design technology with plastic materials provides such great opportunities for current social and market demands that they need to be communicated clearly and unambiguously. The brand name ENLARG3D is now active via various channels.

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Poly Products’ first large-format printer came into use in the fall of 2019. This printer delivers products where at least one of the dimensions of the product is larger than 0.5 meters. ENLARG3D performs best for objects with product dimensions of several meters. The materials used are mainly PETG, recycled PETG or PP filled with a short fiber for increased strength and reduced shrinkage. ENLARG3D lends itself perfectly to unique plastic pieces printed in large format and meant for small series.

By merging 3D prints, almost all shapes are possible, meaning that maximum dimensions do not exist. The goal of ENLARG3D is therefore to be involved in the early stages of projects. With their engineering services they want to make the real power of 3D printing transparent and applicable for their customers. This is not limited to the assembly of large parts alone. Surface finishing, fiber reinforcement, on-site installation and aftercare are also included in the total service. The 52 years of experience of FLam3D member Poly Products is constantly applied to achieve this.

The added value of the new brand goes beyond offering services to realize 3D printed end solutions for customers alone. Michiel de Bruijcker, managing director of Poly Products has big plans: “Informing, inspiring and educating are additional goals that I will pursue with ENLARG3D. A great example is the FGF course where architects, product designers and people from the creative sector are invited to learn about large format plastic printing.”

In the coming period, ENLARG3D’s activities will expand through investments in infrastructure, hardware, and software. In addition, engaging in strategic collaborations is an important objective, specifically focused on large-format plastic printed products. ENLARG3D strives to use their expertise and technology to make the seemingly technically impossible, yet possible. “So not just great at 3D printing, but also great at material knowledge, insight, service and collaborative thinking”, the company explains.

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