Tech2B x QDP

Flam3D member QDP finds customers through Tech2B (… also Flam3D member)

QDP: “Tech2B has already provided us with several contacts”

How do they do it? QDP realizes additional business through Tech2B’s platform. That platform is a new way of connecting supply and demand within the manufacturing industry – and therefore also interesting for various AM companies. At the same time, Flam3D operates as a neutral advisor on the platform. “Connecting supply and demand is one of the main activities of Flam3D. The fact that there exists a platform that tries to facilitate 1-on-1 business is something we can only support,” says Kris Binon, director of Flam3D.

Tech2B is an online, cloud-based platform that connects supply and demand of technical parts, machine parts and industrial services to optimize collaboration in the manufacturing industry. Through its platform, Tech2B can provide access to a large network of expertise and capacity capabilities. Connected companies can receive instant offers, manufacturability feedback, solutions and expected lead time. QDP did not miss the opportunity to put their company in the spotlight through this online channel. The company, which in addition to injection molding also offers the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis 3D printing technology, therefore quickly registered on the platform. All the more so because the company recognizes the added value of a connected network.

Flam3D encourages such collaboration among its members and across sectors. In addition to its other activities, the organization itself has been pushing for years for valuable partnerships to advance the 3D printing industry – as well as its members. In doing so, Flam3D is always looking for ways to improve the exposure of its members. The organization already did that, for example, by setting up partnerships with trade shows and magazines. And now the same philosophy is being applied online: Flam3D members can profitably join the Tech2B platform. All with the same goal: improve exposure – and thus identify new clients.

You can read more about why QDP took up the Tech2B offer in the interview below between Tech2B and QDP:

“I hope that as many Dutch companies as possible join Tech2B, you will then get kind of a two-way snowball effect. And the whole manufacturing industry will benefit from that.” Maick Klaassen and Jasper Bouman are active on the Tech2B platform on behalf of injection molding specialist QDP. As a specialist in plastics, they are still in a ‘niche’, but they are confident that this will improve: “The number of requests related to the production of plastic parts on Tech2B still needs to grow, but we have already gained some contacts. It would be nice if the share of plastics increases, maybe we can bring that to the attention a bit more with interviews like this.”

How did QDP ever get started?

Maick explains: “I started QDP in 2007, at that time I had been an entrepreneur for 10 years. After a job in the semi-conductor industry, I started to freelance and ended up in the injection molding industry and eventually in product development. Because customers asked me if I also had contacts to have their products produced, I eventually started doing this myself. First through a number of suppliers and finally in 2010 I set up my own injection molding company in China.”

“We at QDP are mainly focused on product development, with the starting point being the production of this: the design and figuring out how best to produce something. With our knowledge and experience, we know what to look out for during the design process, so that the products come out of the mold at their best. As an extra safeguard, we use simulation software where necessary to map out exactly how the liquid plastic behaves in a mold.” “Our focus is on plastic injection molding, but we may also purchase other components to deliver a complete product or semi-finished product. If injection molding is only a small part of the project, we prefer not to do it. We like to be in control of the process. After all, that’s why I started in China in the first place.”

What are your roles at QDP?

Jasper and Maick

“As a founder, I am primarily the spider in the web, both strategically and operationally.” Jasper adds: “I am responsible for Sales and Marketing, in which I pull alongside Maick. I am also concerned with the quality control of QDP and the optimization of our processes. I make sure customer satisfaction is high, so we can give our customers the best possible experience.”

“In the beginning it took some time to get used to, the site worked technically, but the number of functionalities was still limited at the time. However, we could communicate well with other users and search for assignments on the platform. That was already a good start. Especially considering how short the platform has been up and running, Tech2B has already added quite a few functionalities. They also used my input for new updates. I definitely have faith in it.”

How do you see the future of Tech2B?

“It would be nice if the number of companies on Tech2B grows and there is more cross-pollination. For example, we have a very high-quality 3D printer that has already attracted some attention. With the printer, we can produce plastic parts faster and cheaper than with CNC milling and turning, especially for smaller parts.” “The people at Tech2B are definitely involved with their users. I have direct contact with Pascal when it comes to improvements, questions, or updates, for example. Pascal has also helped us outside of the platform. For example, he helped find a specific supplier, so Tech2B is not just an online platform for us.”

Would you like more info on QDP or the Tech2B platform? Then be sure to take a look at the website. P.S. Flam3D members can register for free on the platform for the first 4 months. Without any obligation and without any purchase commitment afterwards. On the platform you can also indicate your membership of Flam3D.