Agoria Solar Team

Flam3D supports world champion Agoria Solar Team

Since August, Flam3D is partner of the Agoria Solar Team. The 27 engineering students of KU Leuven want to build a solar car in two years time to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2021. The competition is better known as the World Solar Car Championship where several universities from all over the world race 3021 km through the Australian desert. Previously, the team won the 2019 edition, allowing them to call themselves world champions. Through AM-related advice and access to an extensive network, Flam3D wants to support the Agoria Solar Team in their battle for victory.

As a network organization for Additive Manufacturing, Flam3D always supports projects in which 3D printing can play a role. They are in fact nice incentives for the expertise and power of the technology. In their project, the Agoria Solar Team often relies on 3D printing. The team uses the technology, for example, to test prototypes and make quick iterations. In order to promote their efforts in 3D printing, Flam3D is joining the project as a partner. Concretely, Flam3D will assist the Agoria Solar Team by providing relevant contacts within the 3D printing world and consequently lead essential calls or notifications to the right recipients. In addition, the team can call on the organization for AM-related advice, both for technical and other AM questions.

The Agoria Solar Team builds its solar car with a clear goal: to help shape the future of sustainable mobility by pushing the boundaries of technology. By developing a new solar car that combines the innovative ideas of clever minds with the best technologies, the team hopes to inspire the entrepreneurial minds of the current generation. The team is convinced that it can act as a catalyst in making solar-powered electric vehicles publicly accessible. In addition, their participation in the competition shows that Belgium is still at the forefront of innovative technology. A nice impulse and an ambition to which Flam3D is happy to contribute, because also in the field of Additive Manufacturing, our region is not outclassed on an international level.