Workshop In Summa

From Making to Managing in Minutes?

Take part in the Additive Manufacturing workshop of In Summa

On 26 March 2020, In Summa organises the AM workshop “From Making to Managing in Minutes – The Additive Manufacturing Journey in Simulation Software”. In one afternoon (13h-18h) the company will take you on an AM trip, with Making as departure point and Managing as final destination. Through the workshop, In Summa wants to offer participants insights in simulation software for 3D printing. The workshop shows and presents new and revolutionary technology such as Generative Design, material data management and AM simulation.

Additive Manufacturing has turned into a major trend in the past few years. The technology no longer only draws the attention of big companies with large printers, but also of the hobbyists at home. Thanks to the development of new materials and applications, more and more new industries are joining the users of the technology. But how can they ensure that their first prints run smoothly? According to In Summa, the answer lies in simulation software. That is why the company organises a workshop to help design engineers, resellers of AM machines, project engineers, project managers and CAE engineers or simulation enthusiasts get started in the best possible way.

Why participate? The company provides the following interesting programme:

  • Part 1: Making – Introducing MSC Software & AM – Digimat & Simufact for polymer, composite & metal simulation: material engineering, process simulation and structural engineering.
  • Part 2: Optimizing your 3D print with AI-based Generative Design (MSC Apex)
  • Part 3: Managing your AM data with Materialcenter – US Army case: discover how the United States Army restrains its Additive Manufacturing process

Interested? You can register via this link. More info can be found via the same link.