Graduation show IPO Howest

Graduation show evening at IPO Howest

Get in touch with newly graduated industrial product designers

On Thursday 23 June at 7pm the graduation show evening at IPO Howest will take place. The Bachelor programme in Industrial Product Design (IPO) is unique in Belgium and is a program where students develop expressive, meaningful and industrially producible designs in cooperation with the Belgian manufacturing industry and the creative sectors of our country.

Before the graduation show at 7pm, there is also an official jury moment from 4pm to 7pm for the graduating students. Would you like to experience this from close by as an Additive Manufacturing expert? Participate by sending an e-mail to the internship and graduation supervisor Heino Labeeuw. For companies this is also an ideal moment to meet the graduates personally.

About IPO

The IPO course is unique in Flanders and also brings the students fully into contact with the professional field. In the ‘mini factory’ of the Industrial Design Center, the IPO students of Howest experiment with wood, metal and textile processing, 3D printing, laser cutting, water jet cutting, thermoforming, welding, ceramics, etc. The building also challenges them to test their concepts with people, make them technically production-ready and to refine them in terms of form, materials, colour and texture.

They learn all steps of the design process: from creative concept, to design and technical elaboration, to the presentation of a sustainable and production-ready design. As designers, they work in a user-oriented way, know a lot about materials and technology, and are inventive. In the design studios and prototyping ateliers, they get to work with current design tools and technology. Practical subjects are a very important part of the study programme.

In other words, students are trained to design a wide range of products. As an industrial designer, they can create not only lawnmowers, smart devices, travel cases, wearables or kitchen tools, but also line buses, machines, VR headsets, wheelchairs …