Addmio x Flam3D

Increased access to knowledge in 3D printing

Accessibility of 3D printing another step closer

3D printing is a means to an end: if applied appropriately, 3D printing technologies can make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies. The challenge lies primarily in that “meaningful application”: this requires considerable knowledge of the various printing techniques and is one of the main barriers to a further breakthrough.

It is therefore only logical that the association of organisations active in 3D printing, Flam3D, is constantly looking for opportunities to help disseminate this knowledge. A collaboration with the Addmio platform was therefore more than logical.

Addmio is an online educational platform designed to help private and professional makers around the world to apply 3D printing. The company already has several online courses available and will release new ones in the coming months.

Members of Flam3D can always rely on the support of their trade association, but in this case the interests clearly run parallel. Addmio will accelerate the addition of Dutch subtitles to its course “3D Printing for Beginners” and Flam3D will actively support the distribution of the educational material.

“3D Printing Basics” is a microcourse that can already be completed via this link.

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Addmio: Robin Huizing,
Flam3D: Kris Binon,