Industrieforum: Future Digital Supply Chain

Industry Forum: Future Digital Supply Chain

3D printing as a sustainable solution in the global supply chain

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a fast-growing technology that helps companies print high-quality parts on-demand. During the Industry Forum, organised by the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce on 8 February 2023, experts from various companies will demonstrate the capabilities of AM and discuss future applications.

3D printing of parts a.o. for machines, is a technology that is increasingly manifesting itself within companies. The Industry Forum will discuss how digitisation and AM can contribute to solving the global problems facing the supply chain.

AM makes it possible to print high-quality parts on demand at any location in the world, only in the quantities needed, which means entrepreneurs do not have to stockpile large inventories. This sounds like a sustainable solution, saving time and costs and ensuring that companies are less dependent on suppliers. Of course, some questions arise: Are we already there or is this still in the future? And where are the opportunities in cooperation between German and Dutch entrepreneurs?

Day chairman and Smart Industry Ambassador Peter van Harten will explain more about digitalisation and 3D printing during the Industry Forum. Using telling examples from experts from DiManEx, Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems, Schubert Group and Hexagon, among others, visitors will experience what is already possible in terms of digitisation and AM. There will also be a panel discussion on which applications are expected in the future. Afterwards, all attendees will get a tour of the Brainport Industries Campus and the opportunity to see all examples in practice during a visit to digitisation and 3D printing companies, such as Hexagon, Additive Center, Werk 24 and K3D/FIT. Afterwards, networking drinks will be organised where people will meet and  relevant contacts can be made with German partners.

Interested in the Industry Forum? Check out the program and register via this link.