sfeerbeeld infoavond 3D-metaalprinten

Info evening on 3D metal printing

On 3 December, Flam3D and the Koninklijke Metaalunie put metal printing in the spotlight on our info evening on 3D metal printing at K3D. Through a general introduction on 3D printing, inspiring business cases from Flam3D members and fascinating break-out sessions, the participants got more insights into the possibilities, but also difficulties, of 3D metal printing. Via this page you can download the different presentations.

Many people see 3D metal printing as the production technique that will replace all other production techniques. Many products are indeed printable, but it does not always make sense to do so. It is certain that 3D printing offers many possibilities and will acquire its own place among the other production techniques, but when is 3D metal printing useful? In other words, which parts are eligible for printing and why? …. And why consider metal printing at all? That, as well as the pitfalls and difficulties, the participants discovered at our info evening on 3D metal printing. The event was organised by Flam3D in collaboration with the Koninklijke Metaalunie and took place in Terborg, where we could count on the hospitality of K3D.

After a general introduction on 3D printing, interesting case studies from some Flam3D members and a delicious meal, some break-out sessions took place for the first time. During these sessions, four cases were discussed, which some participants had submitted themselves in advance. Together with the experts present, the participants were able to think for themselves about whether the cases are suitable for 3D printing and why (not).

Download the presentations here:
Infoavond 3D-printen in metaal