Innovived: innovative applications in the biomedical field with the aid of 3D-printing

Innovived is a new team project set up within the ‘Postgraduate Innovative Business for Engineers’ programme at the KU Leuven. The focus of this project is to embark on innovative projects using 3D-printing technologies in the life sciences sector. Innovived works in a multidisciplinary team of students with knowledge of electromechanics, chemistry, biochemistry and electronics/ICT. In addition to our own internal projects, such as converting an FDM printer into a bioprinter, Innovived is also keen to collaborate on projects offered by the industry. As such, they are currently building a personalized SLA printer for one of their partners.

In addition, the team also wants to focus on educating future generations by organising STEM activities related to their projects, in order to promote engineering studies among young people. More information can be found on their website.