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Join the Materialise Metal 3D printing masterclass

Shorten your metal 3D printing learning curve

From 21-24 March, Flam3D member Materialise is organising a training course in metal 3D printing. The masterclasses will be hosted online in 4 live sessions (9:00 – 12:00 CET) and will be conducted in English. Participants will have 3 weeks to complete the training, get their questions answered by Materialise experts and acquire certification. Who can attend? The workshop is good for professional users of metal 3D printing looking to gain theoretical and practical knowledge into the different aspects and challenges of metal AM, with a specific focus on laser melting technology. The training is suggested for users with zero to two years of experience. More info about what to expect can be found below.

At the Materialise Metal 3D printing masterclass you will learn the best practices for implementing Metal AM into your facility and gain deep insights to optimize your processes and use of tools. The goal of the training is to shorten the learning curve for Metal AM proficiency from at least three months to two days. In addition participants can gain the knowledge to improve printing processes, understand errors and how to repair them.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

The masterclass is available online or in-person. There is flexible access to online training and 12 hours of interactive live instruction. The in-person option includes a 2 full-day, interactive training session facilitated by Materialise experts and held at locations across the globe. The in-person masterclass also offers some networking opportunities. Food and refreshments will be included.

The following course topics are covered in the Materialise Masterclass:

  • Introduction to Metal AM: Discuss market insights, opportunities, and applications
  • Laser melting process: Understand the entire process as well as residual stresses, their origins and their consequences
  • Machine components: Learn about recoating systems, optics gas flow, and interactions in build chambers
  • Tour: Experience how a 3D printing factory manages Metal AM
  • Metal AM powder: Examine various materials, their properties, and how to safely handle and recycle them
  • Design considerations: Discover technology limitations and design guidelines with examples
  • Orientation & positioning: Find out best practices and influencers of orientation and positioning with group practice
  • Support generation: Pick up tips and tricks on the role of supports and their parameters
  • Process considerations: Discuss melt pool influencers, part defects, and the link between processes and part density
  • Scanning strategies: Explore various vector creations and their impacts on part properties
  • Post-processing: Learn about common practices including how to apply heat treatment and its effects
  • Q&A: Ask questions relevant to you

Do you want more information about the Materialse Masterclass? Check out the website.

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