Materialise Metal Masterclass

Join the Materialise Metal Masterclass

Materialise organises several master classes every year to update people inside and outside the 3D printing world. Some interesting classes are coming up again in October. We could already take a look at the different possibilities and from that we want to introduce you to the Metal 3D Printing Masterclass.

What is it about?

Materialse Metal Masterclass, from October 4 to 6, offers a three day introduction to professional metal 3D printing. You can join the Materialise team to discover the foundations of how and when to use metal 3D printing to maximize the opportunities for your business. Attendees will get an overview of the metal 3D printing technologies and how they work. Moreover, you’ll learn about the design considerations and methodology for metal 3D printing.  

The masterclass attempts to meet 2 learning objectives. Firstly it aims to shorten the learning curve for metal AM proficiency from at least three months to two days and secondly the class is about gaining the knowledge to improve printing processes and understand errors and how to repair them. To keep it clear and organised, the mastercalss is divided into several course topics in which many components concerning metal printing are addressed. Curious about what topics will be covered? Then click this link.

Who is it for?

Professional users of metal 3D printing looking to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of the different aspects and challenges of metal AM, with a specific focus on laser melting technology. Suggested for users with zero to two years of experience.

Details about the class

The Metal Masterclass can be attended both online and in-person. Both options follow their own track, but within the same course topics.

  • Online

Flexible access to online training and 12 hours of interactive live instruction. Participants have 3 weeks to complete the training, get questions answered by Materialise experts, and acquire certification. 

  • In-person

Two full-day, interactive training sessions facilitated by Materialise experts held at locations across the globe with networking opportunities. Food and refreshments included.

How to register

Registration is quick and simple via Materialise’s website. Visit the website here.