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Kamp C organizes 3D printing in construction and Company Discovery Day

‘3D printing in construction, the future’

On Friday 4 October 2019, Kamp C, the Provincial Centre for Sustainability and Innovation, invites the business world to discover 3D printing in construction. The event starts at one o’clock and is the ideal opportunity to find out about the latest technological developments in the innovative construction sector. For instance, you can get to know the largest 3D concrete printer in Europe. During several demonstrations, you can get up close and personal with how this innovative printer works and what its results are. Furthermore, you can find out what 3D printing and digitalisation can bring to your construction projects, how you can implement the possibilities of 3D printing into practice together with other companies and how they fit in with the circular economy. Moreover, the event offers a unique opportunity: soon the 3D printer will be printing a demo building. So this event will be your chance to be the first to enjoy a sneak preview!

Curious? More info about the event can be found here.


Company Discovery Day

On Sunday 6 October 2019, the general public will have their turn during Company Discovery Day. This day is all about innovation in construction and 3D printing. Kamp C takes visitors on a journey in the world of sustainable building and living and the innovative construction sector. As a layman, it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the largest 3D concrete printer in Europe. You can discover 3D printed objects and learn more about the different technologies in 3D printing during the Flam3D info sessions. You can also take a look at the construction plans for Belgium’s first circular company building and learn more about the latest technological developments in the sector. In sum, there is no lack of learning opportunities and innovative news. On Company Discovery Day, Kamp C not only opens its doors to adults; children are also welcome. The event allows children to discover the world of 3D in a playful way.

Interested? You can find more information about the event here.