Layertec DfAM trainingen

Layertec offers DfAM training courses

Tap into the potential of 3D printing

More and more companies are opting for 3D printing of prototypes and tooling. Besides printing small batches, printing techniques have already advanced to the point where (mass) production is also possible. To maximise the potential of Additive Manufacturing, it is important to optimise designs for 3D printing. This technology is called Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM). Flam3D member Layertec responds to this with two training courses to get to know and use DfAM better.

Additional knowledge through bundled expertise

The training courses have been developed with Layertec sister company Design Solutions, one of the 20 global Elite Resellers of SOLIDWORKS. By combining knowledge in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing, Layertec can offer the most complete training. Both companies are located in the Netherlands and are part of the Visiativ group.

Introduction to designing for 3D printing (1 day)

To give a kickstart to anyone wanting to start designing for 3D printing, Layertec has mapped out a one-day introductory training course. This training explains the background, principles and thinking of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) with many examples and exercises. With this training, you will be up to date on the latest 3D printing techniques, useful software tools and the right way of thinking within one day.

This 1-day training covers the following:

  • You learn to design for 3D printing: you get a clear overview that allows you to make the right trade-off between 3D printing techniques and materials relevant to your project. You will also look at what kind of printer you are using, so you will know which preconditions to consider.
  • You will discover the various options for optimising your DfAM, including engineering, optimisation programmes, simulation solutions, topological geography and Generative Design.
  • A case study where Layertec explains common challenges, so you are ready to see all the opportunities ahead.

Are you interested in this training, or would you like to know more? Then check it out on the Layertec website.

3D printing with SOLIDWORKS (3 days)

This 3-day training course consists of a one-day introductory training course, supplemented by two days setting up DfAM models in the 3D CAD package SOLIDWORKS. This training is intended for SOLIDWORKS users and in 3 days you will know how to set up models in SOLIDWORKS for 3D printing.

This 3-day course covers the following:

  • You will learn to look at existing designs in a new way. You will make the right choices in materials and printing techniques, know how to make a suitable 3D design, which tools are indispensable and much more.
  • You will discover useful tools in SOLIDWORKS, including contouring in Surface Modelling, applying complex patterns, topology optimisation with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Generative Design.
  • You will work on several case studies, so you will learn all facets of DfAM and be able to apply them to your projects.

Are you interested in this training, or would you like to know more? Then check it out on the Layertec website!