Ledenevent (VUB) 2022

Lots of networking and announcement of new plans at Flam3D member event at VUB

For the last member event of 2022, Flam3D travelled to Elsene on 7 December, where the University of Brussels (VUB) opened its venue to host more than 65 attendees. The U-Residence was the stage for an enjoyable afternoon including lectures by Sherri Monroe (AMGTA) and Dieter De Baere (VUB), a digital poster session with info on various AM research projects and, of course, an extensive matchmaking and networking session. Flam3D also announced its future plans for 2023.

The Flam3D member event kicked off with a warm welcome from the VUB, after which Flam3D took a look at both the present and the past of the organisation during a summary presentation. Indeed, on the one hand, the past activities and figures of 2022 were presented, revealing that Flam3D continues to make progress in online and physical promotion of its members and the Additive Manufacturing (AM) sector in general. Indeed, marketing and communication figures regarding website, LinkedIN, followers, visitors and others supported this. On the other hand, plans for 2023 were also revealed.

Flam3D aims to support and help strengthen 3D printing, the 3D printing industry and its members. The organisation does this on the one hand with neutral, independent advice and referral to the right contacts. But on the other hand also by disseminating correct information around the technology, both online and physically at trade fairs and events. This goal remains unchanged, but Kris Binon, director of Flam3D, announced during the event that from 2023 the focus will also shift to long-term projects around Additive Manufacturing. In 2023, there will be fewer exhibitions on the programme, but there will be more focus on projects around safety, education, sustainability and finance. All activities that should move the 3D printing industry forward in the longer term.

Read 3D Print Magazine’s article for a more detailed report on Flam3D’s new direction.

Following the sustainability pillar, Sherri Monroe, Executive Director of AMGTA, was guest speaker during the remainder of the membership event. Speaking from Florida, she presented the organisation’s vision for a more sustainable AM policy. AMGTA aims to educate the public and industry about the positive environmental benefits of 3D printing, promote the use of AM as an alternative to traditional manufacturing, develop best practices for AM and help the organisation’s members grow their businesses and acquire new customers. In addition, Sherri Monroe stressed the importance of AM companies working together to bring sustainability to the forefront: “Additive manufacturing has the potential to change the way we manufacture sustainably, and it is our role at the AMGTA to help unlock this potential through rigorous research and industry education.”

After a short break, it was the VUB’s turn with five engaging digital poster sessions, where the research group highlighted its key AM studies. To conclude the last member event of 2022, another matchmaking and networking session was provided, accompanied by dinner and drinks.