SmarTech x Flam3D

Market analyses: Flam3D makes deal with SmarTech Analysis

SmarTech Analysis provides industry analyses and market forecasts specifically for the 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing industry.

These reports provide insight for companies offering 3D printing services, materials and software sectors, as well as for companies making their own 3D printers. Among other things, they have published reports on the main financial opportunities in the 3D printing sector, such as those related to home printers, low-volume production, 3D printing materials, medical and dental markets and other promising 3D market segments. The customer base includes some of the world’s largest 3D printing companies, materials companies and investors.

SmarTech Analysis wants to distinguish itself in its consultancy and advice: “When a company buys a report from SmarTech Analysis or engages us for customised advice, it receives a comprehensive analysis that reflects the current reality of the 3D printing market and the opportunities of tomorrow. Detailed forecasts that are credible and give our customers a competitive advantage. Useful recommendations that indicate where money will be earned and where it will be lost. Candidate market assessments based on today’s best strategic thinking, not just “data dumps” from the Internet. SmarTech’s offering complements internal product planning and technology roadmapping and provides low-cost knowledge enhancement for companies in the 3D printing industry”.

Flam3D has now reached an agreement with SmarTech Analysis: our members receive a 20% discount on the purchase of the reports. Contact us for more info!