Members Flam3D well represented at BIL/NIL welding symposium

On 19, 20 and 21 November 2019, the 15th edition of the BIL/NIL welding symposium will take place in Antwerp Expo. During the symposium, a rich programme of current theme presentations will be presented, including some about 3D printing. On the first day of the symposium there is a lot to do about WAAM and (welding of) SLM. Flam3D members KU Leuven and Guaranteed will be participating with some interesting presentations about robot welding. Furthermore Engie/ Laborelec and UGent are to be heard.

The theme of robot welding is the focus of the Automation/ New processes session on the first day of the symposium. This will be discussed from the perspective of a number of robot welding manufacturers, from the current WAAM research project, but also from the perspective of direct industrial applications. The presentations on robot welding are complemented by a presentation on the (im)possibilities of welding with a cobot. In addition, the specific weldability of powder printed 3D-pieces will also be discussed.

The Automation/ New processes session on 19 November will be followed by the Inspection Monitoring session on 20 November and the Damage Claims and Repair session on 21 November. Through lectures on these thematic sessions, experts provide insights into the latest developments in joining technology. The welding symposium is organised by the Dutch Institute for Welding Technology (NIL) and the Belgian Institute for Welding Technology (BIL). It takes place during Welding Week, the four-yearly welding event in the BeNeLux where Vives Hogeschool and Flam3D promote 3D printing on the Metal 3D Printing Experience zone. In other words, it is the ideal opportunity to combine the fair and the symposium.

Interested? Take a look at the webpage of the event.

More information about the Metal 3D Printing Experience zone of Vives Hogeschool and Flam3D at Welding Week can be found via this link.

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