RapidCenter is a 3D printing manufacturing partner for the production of serial, spare and legacy parts and prototypes.

Airborne Metals

Airborne Metals

Airborne Metals has specialized in providing high quality titanium and its alloys for decades.

Lay3rs B.V.


Lay3rs 3dprinting is a Dutch AM company that specializes in the entire value chain from "idea to final product."



SKILLED maps the customer's needs based on their thorough knowledge and technical expertise in 3D Printing.



Innocourse is an organization that supports companies in their 3D printing journey through courses and consulting within AM.

Colossus Gigantic 3D Printing

Colossus Gigantic 3D Printing

Colossus Gigantic 3D Printing is an expert in industrial and large-scale 3D printing with A-Z service.

GS Technology

GS Technology

GS Technology is an expert in industrial 3D printing, from prototypes to end-use parts, both for FDM, SLS and SLA printing techniques.

Builder 3D Printers B.V.

Builder 3D Printers

Builder 3D Printers is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality large industrial 3D printers with excellent print quality.

Veda 3D Printing

Veda 3D Printing

Veda's technologies and expertise help increase Return on Investment in all applications of FFF 3D Printing.



GAGAT is een 3D-print service met als doel bedrijven te laten zien hoe ze producten kunnen ontwerpen, evalueren en produceren.


3D Print-It BV

3D PRINT-IT BV is a company that focuses on an "all in one solution" in which guidance of the client is important.



Kiamco specialises in advice and support in industrial additive manufacturing business development and implementation.



BIO INX® focuses on the commercialisation of materials and bio-inks for 3D bioprinting in the field of polymers and biomaterials.

Verder Scientific Benelux BV

Logo Verder Scientific Benelux BV

Verder Scientific owns equipment manufacturers for quality control in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, among others.

ChemStream BV

Logo Chemstream

ChemStream, an innovative chemical R&D company, specialises in translating material problems into sustainable compositions.



Ziggzagg is a team of experts and top-notch machinery. They offer clients flexible and personalized 3D printing services.

Doser BV

Doser BV Logo

Implementing 3D printed medications in pharmaceutical care by producing personalised medications locally and on demand.


Logo Fuselab

FuseLab produces Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers with a focus on metal-, ceramic-, and other powder-based filaments.

Bekking 3D

Logo Bekking 3D

Bekking 3D is specialized in scanning objects and creating CAD files. They have an accurate 3D laser scanner.


Logo JVS-3D

JVS-3D specializes in product development, mostly around plastics and thinks creatively with the customer.

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA)


AMGTA aims to educate the public and industry about positive environmental benefits of AM and promote its adoption.


Logo GrindoSonic

GrindoSonic® is a provider of non-destructive testing technology that supplies laboratories and production environments.

Massivit 3D Europe

Massivit 3D Europe logo

Massivit 3D is pioneer of large format 3D printing solutions with proprietary thermoset Gel Dispensing Printing and Cast In Motion technologies.

Rejig BV

Rejig logo

Rejig helps companies in the world of AM and is an international reseller of Sindoh S100 Laser Sintering machines and accessories.

Oceanz 3D Printing

Oceanz 3D Printing logo

Oceanz is a professional 3D printing company with experience within various sectors and with the market, industry peers and professionals.

ProTech3D Solutions B.V.

Logo Protech3D Solutions

ProTech3D Solutions: allround expertise company in Additive Manufacturing with focus on realisation and application within companies.


Logo Signify

Signify is global market leader in lighting and has been a pioneer in Additive Manufacturing in the lighting segment for a number of years.

HYBRID Software

Hybrid Software

HYBRID Software is a global software company in graphics and printing with a broad software portfolio.


Tech2B logo

Tech2B is an online, cloud-based platform that connects supply and demand of technical parts, machine parts and industrial services to optimise collaboration in the manufacturing industry.


Buhlmann logo

Buhlmann is a reseller of Desktop Metal in the Benelux (Metal Binder Jetting and Bound Metal Deposition technologies).

Visiativ 3D Printing


Visiativ is a supplier of 3D printers in the Benelux. Visiativ supplies metal printers and plastic 3D printers.


Amnovis logo

Amnovis is an Additive Manufacturing manufacturing and engineering company based on no-nonsense entrepreneurship.


Logo Carboganic

Carboganic customizes biocarbon fibers and fillers to enhance thermoplastic and thermoset applications.

Roffelsen Plastics

Roffelsen 3D logo

Roffelsen 3D focuses on the development, production and sale of high quality filaments and granules for industrial 3D printing applications.

DotX Control Solutions B.V.

DotxControl logo

DotX has developed a 3D slicer software with which 5 or more axis printers (like robots) can print complex structures.

Bulcke Technical Printing

Bulcke Technical Printing

Bulcke Technical Printing focuses on the engineering and 3D printing of unique products and (machine) parts in a wide range of industries. The focus is on large formats that are not achievable with standard 3D-printers.

4C Creative Cad Cam Consultants

Logo 4C

4C Consultants is supplier of ARTEC 3D scanners and provides professional scanners which can accurately scan objects.


Scanned logo

Measuring, digitizing and checking objects and machines; it is our daily activity. Scanned stands for reliable and accurate measuring, thanks to our mobile 3D laser scanner.

Nippon Gases NV

Nippon Gases logo

Nippon Gases is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial and pure gases and gas mixtures, equipment and processes to increase the productivity and safety of industrial processes.

FilRight BV

FilRight logo

FilRight is active as a reseller and distributor of various 3D printing solutions and materials for a variety of applications.

Minital B.V.

Minital logo

Minital stands for machine builder, engineering office, consultancy and turnkey industrial designs. Are you facing a technical issue? Rely on Minital engineering and mechanics.

Windesheim – Research group on Plastics Technology

Windesheim logo

Windesheim's Research group on Plastics Technology brings practice-based research closer to all their partners and stakeholders. Industrial Additive Manufacturing is one of the four program lines within this research group.

ProductionToGo Benelux B.V.

Logo Production To Go

ProductionToGo Benelux B.V. is een gerenommeerde leverancier van 3D-printers & oplossingen. Ze onderscheiden zich door hun klanten persoonlijke en doelgerichte adviezen te bieden.


ALP 3D_logo

ALP 3D is a young enthusiastic company that uses the latest technologies to create unique products. Their specialty is the area of Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing.

Fontys Hogescholen (Objexlab Metal)


Fontys Objexlab is engaged in education and (pre-competitive, application-oriented) research in relation to 3D printing in various materials and material combinations.


Logo 3DAM

Digitalization of your production, design and engineering? Optimization and automation of your processes? 3DAM provides independent advice and support, from identifying opportunities to delivering customized solutions.

Box3D BV

Logo box3d

Become a professional with closed environment 3D printing with box3d. Box3d makes your 3D printer Stable, Safe & Silent.



AM-FLOW is a specialist in the development of end-to-end technology for the Additive Manufacturing industry. It makes an important contribution to the digitisation of the workflow and the reduction of costs.

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Logo HAN

HAN University of Applied Sciences is a vocational university of applied sciences with campuses in Arnhem and Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. It offers bachelor's and master's degrees in a wide range of subjects.


logo Sculpman

As an innovative supplier to the 3D printing industry, Sculpman develops a patented system for extrusion with variable geometry.


Logo QDP

QDP helps production companies with their (industrial) product development and the production of polymer products. For these projects, they use the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ technology.

FIS Robotics

Logo FIS Robotics

FIS Robotics is a young company, based in Genk, with the aim of developing innovative CAM software for industrial robots. This software enables users to mill large products using a digital 3D scan, with a very short lead time.


Logo 3Motion

3Motion is a dynamic and innovative company specialised in large format 3D printing and visual communication. You can contact 3Motion for design, (2D & 3D) printing as well as effective elaboration and placement.

Belgisch Instituut voor Lastechniek vzw


The Belgian Institute for Welding Technique is an independent research and knowledge centre in the field of welding and related techniques, and the weldability of materials.



MakerPoint provides Digital Fabrication Solutions. Based on their in-depth knowledge, they are able to offer their customers a complete solution for their application.

AMPC Solutions b.v.

logo AMPC Solutions

AMPC Solutions is accelerating industrial Additive Manufacturing of functional polymer and metal parts by offering a modular, end-to-end Production Cluster. AMPC provides a safe quality environment with an integrated software platform.

Novus 3 Dimensional Steel printing

Novus 3D logo

Novus 3D is the steel construction company 2.1 of the 21st century, where steel is processed in an innovative way by having it 3D printed by a welding robot.

InZert 3D

InZert 3D logo

As a Full Service 3D Agency, InZert 3D is committed to 3D innovations such as photo-realistic 3D scans, 3D holograms and interactive 3D apps and visualisations.

Art Nzo BVBA

Art Nzo logo

Art Nzo is an advertising and signing company that, in addition to its regular printing service, also specialises in large-format 3D printing. Thanks to the "Gel Dispensing Printing" technology, it is possible to print large objects at high speed that require hardly any support or padding when print...


Guaranteed logo

Guaranteed is a spin-off company created by OCAS, Finindus and ArcelorMittal Belgium which will create value for its customers by repairing, refurbishing and producing large metal parts using wire & arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) to allow lifetime extension or downtime reduction of industrial equ...


Odisee logo

Odisee is a college that offers a professional bachelor's programme in Design and Production Technology at the Technology Campus in Ghent. In this programme, students learn how to make a design from start to finish: from the first drawings on the PC to the final practical design.


3D Infinity logo

3D Infinity is a young and dynamic 3D printing service company that focuses on 3 pillars: 3D printing service, scan service (whether on location or not) and advice on design and development.


Polybull logo

Polybull specializes in large scale 3D printing for imaginative show elements or truthful set pieces that visually bring your (business) story to life. The company is not only a pioneer in the field of large format printing, but also combines high-end technology and craftsmanship to achieve an unpre...


QR Emenes F-DH

Freelance 3D designer Frederick de Hertogh turns your idea into a printable or mouldable product. His specialisations are complex structures and shapes. Emenes has over 20 years of experience with many major players such as Tupperware, Samsonite, Siemens and Massive. In addition to Additive Manufact...

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastics

MCAM logo

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastics develops and produces function critical plastic parts and assemblies. This includes the development of moulds as well the the automation in the production and assembly process. Hybrid metal printing is used to make parts for injection moulds.

Parts On Demand

PartsOnDemand logo

Parts On Demand designs, engineers and produces series of parts by means of 3D printing (SLS). As a result, they supply smart production tools, complex machine parts and seamlessly scale into series of 1 to 100,000 pieces.

Eurofins Materials Science Netherlands

EAG Eurofins Materials Science logo

Eurofins Materials Science Netherlands in Eindhoven was formerly the Materials Analysis and Reliability lab of Royal Philips and Philips Lighting (now Signify). It was acquired by Eurofins EAG in December 2018.


AdditiveLab logo

AdditiveLab develops and distributes software focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing Simulation. AdditiveLab simulates part production process and gives predictions on areas that are prone to large deformations, localized stress concentrations and overheating.

AM Solutions

logo AM solutions

For over 80 years, the Rösler Group has been active in the field of surface treatment by means of sliding and blasting technology. AM Solutions is the newest brand of the Rösler Group and provides a total solution for the finishing of 3D printed parts.


Mark3D logo

Mark3D is the European partner for advanced 3D printers, materials, software and accessories from Markforged. The company helps you find the right solution for your application in the field of Markforged 3D composite and metal printers.

Multi 3D Print

Multi-3D Print is your 3D printing specialist and 3D printshop in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Since 2014, they are a retail specialist of 3D printers. Multi 3D Print sells printers for hobbyists up to industrial applications. They organize workshops for individuals, companies, schools and provide M...

Vereniging ION

Vereniging ION logo

Vereniging Industrieel Oppervlaktebehandelend Nederland (Vereniging ION) is the Dutch trade association for the surface treatment industry. Their activities include chemical or mechanical pretreatment, galvanising, enamelling, powder coating, (wet) painting, anodising, hot-dip galvanisation, metal p...

AMR Europe

AMR Europe logo

AMR Europe is a distributor of various high-end 3D printing systems (3DGence, Cubicon, Markforged and OR Laser ORLAS), the Scan in a Box scanning solutions and a developer of new materials and applications.


OMD3D logo

OMD3D is dedicated to 3D printing with 360° service. OMD3D helps you in designing an object, printing a product or buying a printer. The company also focuses on ecological solutions, sustainability and recycling.


Tivecoma logo

Tivecoma develops and supplies both non-metallic and metal powders, exclusively made to measure. In addition to the powders, Tivecoma also supplies fibre reinforced composites and metal powder fibre reinforced composites on request.


Twikit logo

Twikit offers a cloud-based software platform that allows customers to personalize and modify your own products right from your website. The user-friendly software Twikbot® plugs right into your site and translates each customer's preferences into digital production-ready files.

Tenco DDM

Tenco DDM logo

Tenco is a one-stop-shop that supports the customer throughout the entire project, from design (for AM), engineering, prototyping to series manufacturing. The company works at the highest industrial level and, in addition to standard printing, also offers complete finishing so that both prototypes ...

Hasselt University

UHasselt logo

Hasselt University is a young university, a dynamic centre of education, research and services, with two campuses (Diepenbeek and Hasselt) and six research institutes. Its baseline 'Knowledge in action' underlines UHasselt's ambition and commitment: to help shape the region's innovative, sustainable...

Ghent University

UGent logo

UGent (Ghent University) is one of the largest universities in the Dutch-speaking area and profiles itself as an open, socially engaged and pluralistic university. The P3Lab of Ghent University combines a new FabLab with design tools, polymer processing machines and test equipment in the Ghent regio...

Seido Systems

Seido Systems logo

SEIDO Systems is a young, dynamic company focused on selling 3D printers and 3D production systems. Since 2008, they have been the Benelux distributor of the complete range of Stratasys 3D-printers.

V.A.C. Machines

VAC Machines logo

V.A.C. Machines is a supplier of machines for sheet metal working and laser technology. The company is a reliable partner for Trumpf 3D metal printers.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences

vives logo

The experts in the research area Design and Production Technology at Vives University of Applied Sciences specialise in the design and manufacture of products, both for products and for mechanical engineering. They are committed to a streamlined digital design and production process.

RS Print

RSPrint logo

RS Print is a joint venture between Materialise and RS Scan. RS Print is specialized in the translation of dynamic data from gait analysis to customized, 3D printed footwear. Through a network of experts such as chiropodists and orthopedists, RS Print markets orthotics under the brand name Phits Ins...


Orbix logo

Orbix develops and markets sustainable materials and technologies for the construction and steel sectors (road construction, concrete, civil engineering, etc.). In addition, they offer their customers support services in the field of logistics and storage.

Metal Technics 3D (MT3D)

Metal Technics 3D logo

Metal Technics 3D is a total solution provider in the metal 3D printing sector: a consultancy, engineering and production company for metal additive manufacturing. As a subcontractor for metal 3D printed parts, Metal Technics 3D are focused and specialised in printing small, very complex parts with ...


Materialise logo

Materialise incorporates more than 25 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services for medical and manufacturing

KU Leuven Additive Manufacturing Institute – Leuven.AM

KU Leuven Additive Manufacturing Instituut – Leuven.AM

KU Leuven has a rich history in Additive Manufacturing (AM), dating back to 1990. Meanwhile, their activities in this field have grown significantly, and are bundled in the KU Leuven Additive Manufacturing Institute (Leuven.AM).

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

vub logo

VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) is an internationally oriented university in Brussels, the heart of Europe. By providing high-quality research and tailor-made education, the VUB aims to make an active and committed contribution to a better society.

Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen – Howest IDC

Howest logo

The Industrial Design Center (IDC) is Howest's and UGent's open knowledge centre on Industrial Product Design. IDC guarantees more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in the field of industrial product development, prototyping, innovation and creativity. IDC's expertise ranges from the fuzzy f...

Flanders Make

Flanders Make logo

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. The organisation has 2 branches (in Lommel and Leuven) and works together in a structural way with research departments of the 5 Flemish universities. The aim: to create a top-level research network in Flanders, where man...


Formando logo

Formando offers print service and 3D design. The company transforms digital 3D models into a tangible object, with the right combination of technology, material and workmanship.

FabLab Factory

FabLab Factory logo

FabLab Factory provides a total solution for fablabs and makerspaces. They sell 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters, CNC machines, electronics and STEAM teaching materials. In addition, they offer workshops and training courses to work with these tools, from design to prototyping.


Oqton logo

Oqton is solving today's manufacturing challenges with an AI driven factory operating system. Their mission is to accelerate making autonomous manufacturing accessible to companies of all sizes, enabling the continuous flexibility and adaptability of manufacturing processes.


ESMA logo

ESMA specialises in the processing of both unique pieces and mass production, using modern, often fully automated, machines. Small assembly works are also on offer. From design to protype, from raw material to product ready for shipment.

EKZO (SLM Solutions)

Ekzo logo

EKZO is the exclusive distributor of SLM Solutions in the Benelux region. The Lübeck-based SLM Solutions Group AG is a leading provider of metalbased additive manufacturing technology. SLM Solutions focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated system solutions in the fie...


Deceuninck logo

Thanks to its key extrusion technologies for PVC and the patented Twinson material, Deceuninck is able to devise innovative building solutions for windows, doors, shutters, outdoor applications, facade cladding, roofing and interior decoration. Deceuninck's solutions are the perfect response to mark...

CRM Group

CRM Group logo

CRM is the collective research centre for metallurgy. The research centre, with sites in Ghent and Liège, has its core activities around the production, transformation, coating and use of metallic materials. With their metallurgical knowledge, they offer companies R&D and technological solutions in...


Centexbel logo

As a collective research centre, Centexbel desires to reinforce the market position of the Belgian textile companies by promoting and supporting innovation. Therefore, Centexbel wants to be the most important centre of expertise on textiles in Belgium as well as being a leading centre on a European ...

Artevelde University College

Artevelde University College logo

Artevelde University College is an expertise centre for education, research and services, where students, employees and strategic partners work together in a stimulating environment. As a 'university college', the school profiles itself through innovative and high-quality higher education, practice-...

3D Maastricht

3D Maastricht logo

3D Maastricht helps companies with the industrial use of 3D printing. The emphasis is placed on a goal-oriented effort with a revenue model. Their expertise is focused on the entire playing field around 3D printing: technology, economics, legal aspects and knowledge development among employees.


3d4All logo

3D4All is active in 3D printing, 3D imaging, design, product design, rapid prototyping and product engineering. They offer consultancy and customization for the development of an existing concept or for the development of a new product, digital visualizations in 3D, technical designs and prints in v...

Digital Dot

Digital Dot logo

Digital Dot was founded to support the digital printing company of tomorrow. In addition to their activities in the 2D Super Wide Format printing market, they have also been appointed as the official distributor of MASSIVit 3D. MASSIVit uses ground-breaking Gel Dispensing Printing technology to deli...

Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen

Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen logo

Syntra is a leading training organisation recognised by the Flemish Government and is active in the East Flanders and Flemish Brabant regions. With more than 100 permanent staff members and a specialised network of more than 900 teachers, they organise a wide range of practical training courses, inc...


3iD logo

3iD is a print service company that ensures the perfect execution of prototypes, small and medium 3D series. In addition, they also offer design services and are able to work with very short delivery times.


VITO logo

VITO is an independent Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. Their goal? To accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

MSC Software

MSC Software logo

MSC Software offers dedicated AM software, with intuitive user-friendly GUI and robust solver that will help you gain full control and confidence over your Additive Manufacturing!

Renishaw Benelux

Renishaw logo

Renishaw is a leading company in industrial and scientific technology, including additive manufacturing and 3D printing in metal.

3D Print Magazine

3D Print Magazine

3D Print Magazine is een kwartaalmagazine, specifiek gericht op de maakindustrie en Additive Manufacturing in de Benelux. Het is een uitgave van Made-in-Europe en 54u Media. Naast het magazine is er ook een website die dagelijks bericht over 3D-printindustrie.


Mikrocentrum logo

Mikrocentrum supports you in increasing knowledge, expanding your network, improving business processes, presenting your company and strengthening your competitive position. The organisation has a large network of relations in industry, (semi)government and knowledge and educational institutions. E...