Aqtor! specialises in the measurement, manufacture and delivery of products from the reimbursed range of prosthetics, orthesiology, bandaging, mobility aids and orthopaedic shoes.

The global product range includes orthopaedic aids such as leg prostheses, arm prostheses, myo-electric arm prostheses, braces, arch supports, abdominal belts, pelvic girdles, corsets, fracture belts, breast prostheses, lumbo states, stoma material, walking frames, rollators, seat shells, scooters, tricycles, manual and electronic rollers, as well as orthopaedic shoes.

Aqtor! enables people with reduced mobility to regain their freedom of movement. The company always starts from their ability to move, not from their physical disability. Aqtor! uses the most advanced technologies. Both the administration and the engineering and production departments use advanced, in-house developed digital applications such as 3D printing.

Website: Aqtor!