Dimension4 enables high-volume, customized 3D printing for end-consumer products and spare parts.

As an e-retailer, giving your clients what they want, is where you provide value. But what if you could give your customers even more? Take your customers to a world where products are not only personalised with colors or photos, but where your customization tool gives them control over shape and material as well. Thanks to 3D printing, your e-commerce company has an opportunity to take product personalisation to the next level. This differentiates you from the competition, unlocking substantial revenue streams.

Reliable and renowned 3D printing companies are ready to accommodate your needs, however finding and managing all of them will be difficult, especially when you have a large customer base with constantly evolving tastes and demands.

D4 Print is a web platform that acts as a single point of contact for a global network of 3D printing companies. It automatically dispatches and optimizes order batches, ensuring manageability and affordability, even for a large customer base.

Dimension4 makes 3D printing for personalized products scalable, flexible, manageable and… affordable!

Website: Dimension4
Activities: services, design and engineering, printservice, software, applications
Materials: plastics, filaments, silicones


AA Tower, iMinds Start-Up Garage, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 19, 9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium

Telephone number:

+32 9 298 06 25