FREPA nv is a reliable partner for the manufacturing of precision mechanical parts, moulds and appliances. The series size can vary from prototypes to several hundred pieces.

The fabrication of precision mechanical parts, moulds and appliances is mainly situated in the precision mechanical industry, mechanical engineering, the metal industry, the electronics industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and mould construction. The product range offers an unprecedented variety, ranging from meticulously small parts to fully assembled devices. The same high quality and reliable quality is always maintained for every product.

In 1989 Louis Paredis started the one-man business “Frezen Paredis”, from which the name FREPA originated. He developed the company into a team of 25 passionate employees. In 2006 Eddy Hendriks inherited the torch.

Thinking along with the client requires craftsmanship, cost insight, teamwork, continuous monitoring of quality and delivery time. A philosopy that cannot be depicted in brochures or websites; it can only be lived up to in concrete contacts between the applicant and the maker.

Website: Frepa
Activities: services, applications
Materials: metals


Centrum-Zuid 1073, 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium

Telephone number:

+32 11 52 24 22