Laser 2000

Laser 2000 is a high-tech distributor of photonics products. The company represents manufacturers from all over the world and does marketing, sales and service in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Laser 2000 sees it as its mission to always offer the leading technologies in photonics. If you are looking for optical instruments, components, light sources or lasers, Laser 2000 is the place to be. We offer our customers more than just products; we also offer our in-depth technical background and market knowledge. This enables us to think along with our customers and look for solutions – both within and outside our own product range.

Laser 2000 specialises in:

  • Lasers and laser systems
  • Cameras: SWIR, hyperspectral and high-speed
  • Laser safety products
  • Optical components
  • Instruments for light and colour measurement

In the 3D printing market, they supply products such as lasers, galvo mirrors, laser safety windows, breadboards and vibration isolation workstations and optical components.

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