Metal Technics 3D (MT3D)

Metal Technics 3D is a total solution provider in the metal 3D printing sector: a consultancy, engineering and production company for metal additive manufacturing. They help companies to understand the benefit of adopting metal 3D printing. As a subcontractor for metal 3D printed parts, Metal Technics 3D are focused and specialised in printing small, very complex parts with very high accuracy (55µm beam spot and 20-90µm layers). As an experienced subcontractor they support their customers in developing their projects and parts for this new technology, and assist in optimizing costs and improve technical functionality.

Website: Metal Technics 3D
Industry: services, design and engineering, printservice
Materials: metals


Pieter Verhaeghestraat 12, 8520 Kuurne, Belgium

Telephone number:

+32 56 37 02 60