RapidCenter is a 3D printing manufacturing partner for the production of serial, spare and legacy parts and prototypes. With years of industry experience and using state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques in metal and plastic, they offer a wide range of capabilities.

Embracing 3D printing is no longer an option for many of their customers, but a necessity to maintain their competitive advantage and strengthen their position in the market. Indeed, modern industry demands ever-increasing flexibility in design, cost efficiency, speed and innovative business models – and 3D printing offers this.

The freedom of design offered by the AM represents a technological leap forward for their customers, enabling them to improve their products and services or develop entirely new concepts. By being less constrained by conventional production methods, customers can take their products to the next level. Rapidcenter provides the flexibility to do this by optimizing already existing conventional processes using AM. 3D printing makes this flexible, multi-purpose, configurable, customizable and above all digital!

Your service team at RapidCenter helps promote the integration of additive manufacturing as a new technique alongside traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding, turning and milling. Not as a revolutionary replacement technique, but rather as a complementary technique that, combined with what is already established, will increase overall manufacturing capabilities and development freedom.

With their knowledge and advisory role, Rapidcenter ensures that clients are able to give a new direction to the traditional link between the cost price of a single part and production volume.

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