AM Solutions

For over 80 years, the Rösler Group has been active in the field of surface treatment by means of sliding and blasting technology. AM Solutions is the newest brand of the Rösler Group and provides a total solution for the finishing of 3D printed parts. Our automated total solution covers all facets of finishing such as; unpacking parts, removing support material, removing excess powder, releasing parts of the circuit board, surface cleaning and smoothing, lace enrichment, high gloss polishing and preparing surfaces for coating.

Developments within Additive Manufacturing are moving at breakneck speed. An increasing number of components are printed instead of conventionally produced. Large organizations continue to explore the possibilities of making the printing process suitable for mass production, but this means the need for large-scale automated finishing of these printed components is rising. In order to take full advantage of the many benefits of Additive Manufacturing, AM Solutions has developed a series of optimized processes for the automated finishing of 3D printed parts in various materials.

Our global team of specialists is able to work with you to develop the perfect process to match the finishing of your printed parts.

Website: Rösler Additive Manufacturing
Industry: services, post-processing
Materials: metals, plastics, filaments, silicones, resin, composites


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