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AM Solutions is committed to fulfill your surface finishing requirements

The surface finishing demands for 3D printed parts are as diverse as the assortment of components that can be made by additive manufacturing. These demands can only be fulfilled with carefully developed finishing processes ensuring absolutely repeatable results. Whether your focus is on unpacking, removal of powder and support structures, surface homogenization and smoothing, polishing or the application of a color dye – with their broad know-how in additive manufacturing and decades of experience in surface preparation and surface finishing AM Solutions can offer you a single source, perfect solution for each and every post processing task, irrespective of the used material and printing method. Their fully automatic systems guarantee not only stable and repeatable results but also significant savings in cycle times and costs. The systems of AM Solutions, perfectly adapted to your individual requirements, are available as stand-alone machines but can also be upgraded to fully linked, automatic production systems. Depending on your specific manufacturing environment the work piece handling can be manual, partially or fully automatic. This ensures consistently good results for every stage of your post processing operation with, at the same time, lower costs. A sure way to gain a decisive competitive advantage!

Surface treatment – an essential step in additive manufacturing operations

In recent years printing methods, printers and the materials for additive manufacturing have undergone a rapid development. Today 3D printing is no longer just a method for prototyping but has firmly established itself as a technology for volume production. However, components made by additive manufacturing require extensive post processing, a challenge that is frequently underestimated and not taken seriously. Already during the design phase for a new product AM users must take into account and resolve issues regarding suitable, cost-efficient post processing including surface refinement. This ensures that the expected work piece characteristics can be achieved. Today the post processing of 3D printed components is still done with costly and highly erratic manual operations, which make a cost-effective, industrial production practically impossible. The right know-how and suitable equipment are key factors for an economically viable and successful use of additive manufacturing

State-of-the-art post processing of 3D printed components offers many benefits:

  • Increased productivity due to shorter processing times
  • Higher cost-efficiency due to automated post processing operations
  • Improved component performance due to an improved surface finish
  • Creation of new business opportunities due to lower costs per piece
  • New fields of application due to improved component performance
  • Faster implementation of the 3D printing technology thanks to cost savings during the post processing phase

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