The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA)

Additive manufacturing (AM), commonly called “3D printing,” builds a three-dimensional object by successively adding material layer-by-layer, in contrast to traditional manufacturing processes like machining, casting, and forging, in which material is removed from an item (subtractive manufacturing) or poured into a mold and shaped. AM results in less waste and greater efficiencies than conventional manufacturing, and in many cases can offer greater precision and uniformity.

The AMGTA seeks to educate the public and industry about these positive environmental benefits, promote the adoption of AM as an alternative to traditional manufacturing, develop best practices for additive manufacturing, and help the organization’s members grow their businesses and acquire new customers. In order to accomplish these goals, the AMGTA will engage in marketing and advertising campaigns, sponsor and conduct research and publish the results, and grow the organization’s membership.

Website: AMGTA