Active in Additive Manufacturing? Discover what we have to offer.

With Flam3D, we are helping the 3D printing market to grow. Of course, we also provide a range of services for companies, research centres and educational institutions, which are broadly divided into 3 different categories:

Internal networking

The creation of new (business) links between the members themselves. This includes networking events as well as individual support in setting up possible synergies and new value chains.

External networking

Activities that enable our members to identify new prospects. Here, too, we organise informational events, lectures and trade fair participations, as well as matchmaking activities and individual guidance of prospects to the organisations in our network. In other words: we connect the customers to you.

General activities

Flam3D informs about the latest state of affairs. We also focus on education and training, standardization and certification, support R&D projects of our members, advocate for adapted AM-regulations with the appropriate policy levels and offer support with possible lobbying activities. Flam3D likes to engage with partners and governments in order to represent the interests of its members: the rise of the 3D printing industry creates various new challenges – such as ownership rights, or the approval of new medical applications.

We also assist members with the publication of press releases and other communication and marketing activities. We organise trade fair participations, realise discounts on trade fairs, conferences, publications and advertisements for our members, and also represent our members at international events.

Membership fees

Typeyearly membership fee (€)
Starters€ 150
1-5 employees€ 350
6-15 employees€ 950
16-25 employees€ 1250
26-50 employees€ 2000
50+ employees€ 3300
Research and educational institutions€ 650

Good to know: membership fees of professional associations are tax deductible.

Become a member

In order to be able to represent our members well, it is important to have a good understanding of their wishes and expectations. Contact us for further details and consultation.



    Brief explanation, membership reason

    The exponential increase in the amount of data and information makes it impossible for one company to gather all the expertise in-house. Companies that realise this will look for the right knowledge within their networks.

    – Bart Van der Schueren, Executive Vice President and CTO, Materialise

    Flam3D membership
    Through Flam3D we have been able to develop important new business contacts. For us, the added value of the network is unquestionable.

    – Nancy Swinkels, Head of Market Research, GC Europe