Sfeerbeeld van Prototyping-MNE

More competitive thanks to Flam3D at Prototyping-MNE

On 5 and 6 February 2020, Flam3D will head to Kortrijk Xpo to participate in Prototyping-MNE. Flam3D will be actively contributing to the realisation of the 3D printing section. This is a real collaboration: Flam3D spreads neutral and independent knowledge about 3D printing with the aim of making our manufacturing industry more competitive.

Under the title Cafe 3D: highly addi(c)tive, Flam3D and the organisation PROTOTYPING-MNE join forces to answer all your AM-related questions. 3D printing can offer companies a competitive advantage. They only need to know when it is possible and useful to use this innovative technology. All too often, questions such as ‘What can I use Additive Manufacturing for? Which technologies are there? or Which sectors need to invest now in order to be future proof?’ As an independent organisation for 3D printing, Flam3D can and wants to show the exhibition visitors the world of Additive Manufacturing.

In order to be able to inform as many people as possible, Flam3D will disseminate its neutral and independent knowledge in various ways:

  • Cafe 3D Network and Info Point

Do you have questions about possibilities or obstacles with 3D printing? Visitors can always come to the info stand no. 4152. If necessary, you will also be connected to the right contacts via the correct background information. Looking for neutral and independent advice? The coffee is ready!

  • Guided Tour

Discover in only 15″ the opportunities of 3D printing through exhibits on stand 4152. These interactive information sessions take place several times a day and give you a better idea of the world of AM.

  • 3D Exhibition

Discover a dozen or so 3D printed masterpieces. Experts on the spot are also happy to give a word of explanation.

  • 3D use case pitch: “The start of your 3D innovation: why? When? How?”

Every day at 15h15 an introduction 3D printing is held in the use case pitch area centrally on the exhibition floor. The session lasts only 10min. and immediately offers you the most relevant insights into AM.


Ready to become more competitive? Pay a visit to Prototyping-MNE and be sure to visit the Flam3D booth (4152). More information about the fair can be found on their website.