More STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in Flanders

35 “MaakBibs” launched; 2nd phase in development

For employers in the (manufacturing) industry, it is a rhetorical question whether there should be more STEM opportunities for young – and older – people. After all, it is crucial to ensure that enough boys and girls fancy a job in those sectors. And that is exactly what MaakBib provides. Over the past few years, they have succeeded in setting up a so-called ‘fablab workplace’ in 35 libraries in Flanders.

MaakBib is therefore an initiative in which an existing library no longer merely serves as a lending service for books, but also as a lending service for knowledge and making skills. To this end, the library becomes an institute where various fablab tools are offered, whether or not in the context of activities aimed at children and young people. A similar ‘MaakBib’ is also being set up within various youth organisations.

A map of where the MaakBibs are or are being set up can be found via this link.

Thanks to this initial success, the MaakBib STEM partnership (supported by VLAIO) has a good chance of being extended for the working years 2021-2023. To this end, at least € 100,000 of own resources must be raised. This can be done by investing in the development of a MaakBib space in the library or youth work facilities, by setting up STE(A)M activities and camps, and by mobilising the staff. But companies with vision can also contribute.

Does your company also want to promote and support STEM literacy? Do you think there should be an accessible maker space in every village? Support MaakBib!

As a company, you can contribute financially, support the network with PR, supply materials, offer discounts on the purchase of materials/equipment for MaakBib members, offer lectures to MaakBib members about STE(A)M activities, and so on. Contact Maria-Cristina Ciocci ( for consultation.

PS. Take a look at the educational website of Flam3D. Here you can find useful tips and tricks to get started with your 3D printing project (in your classroom).