New director of Flam3D - Meet Sofie Rasschaert

New director of Flam3D: Meet Sofie Rasschaert

An Enthusiastic Connection Between Technology and People

Hold onto your 3D-printed hats because Flam3D just scored big with our latest addition, Sofie Rasschaert! With close to a decade of experience in the additive manufacturing (AM) world, ranging from a global player (Materialise) to smaller KMOs (Tenco DDM), Sofie brings a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise to the table. She’ll be stepping into Kris Binon’s shoes as the Director of Flam3D.

Sofie has conquered the technical sales realm and climbed the ladder to leadership. Her extensive background grants her a deep understanding of AM technologies and traditional production techniques like machining techniques and injection molding. She’s an expert in making valuable connections between different technologies and companies.

Let’s talk about Sofie’s talents and skills: Firstly, her vast network. Thanks to her diverse professional experiences, she has built strong connections within the AM industry and beyond. Design and engineering agencies, manufacturing powerhouses. Her network spans across various sectors, empowering her to identify fantastic opportunities and collaborations.

With a Master’s degree in Product Design, Sofie’s eyes sparkle with innovation and creativity. She’s always on the lookout for fresh opportunities, effortlessly spotting and seizing them. At Flam3D, she’ll be able to unleash her passion for spotting chances and creating value in full force.

What sets Sofie apart is her ability to excite and convince people. Armed with a potent mix of technical expertise and communication skills, she fearlessly bridges gaps between different parties. Picture her as the ‘spin-on-the-web’ finding fulfillment in connecting departments, companies, and technologies.

When she’s not conquering the professional world, Sofie indulges in her other passions, traveling and venturing into the great outdoors. You’ll often find her with a backpack, exploring untouched and serene locations. Nature is her sanctuary, her go-to for recharging those batteries. No wonder she chose to reside in a forested haven.

With her infectious enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and experience, and knack for forging connections, Sofie Rasschaert is an invaluable addition to Flam3D. She’ll undoubtedly play a pivotal role in identifying new possibilities and strengthening collaborations within the AM industry and beyond.

Eager to get to know Sofie better? Don’t hesitate to give her a warm welcome via email, connect with her on LinkedIn, or who knows, you might just bump into her at one of our upcoming events like the much-anticipated Advanced Engineering.