Shaping Matter Event Howest

Participate in Shaping Matter Event at Howest

Inspiration for circularity on 21/04/2022

On 21/04/2022 Flam3D member Howest organizes the Shaping Matter Event 2022, a combination of a mini fair and various presentations on topics related to innovation, product design and energy management in an industrial context. At the event, circularity will be the common thread: after all, circularity is woven into everything; it can be found from the conceptual phase over production to waste management. Together with the event partners – including Flam3D – Howest wants to inspire you with the Shaping Matter Event. After a long time, face-to-face meetings are possible again. The free event wants to stimulate these with a clear goal: visitors come together to exchange experiences and learn from each other. By showing how other companies work, which materials and techniques they use, how they combine them … the event wants to inspire you to eventually come to better products or solutions.

In an engaging morning, the Shaping Matter Event gathers experts on Factories for the Future during several roundtable discussions. Visitors also get a guided tour of the Howest facilities. After a networking lunch, various fascinating presentations will start in the afternoon. Erik de Zeeuw, market manager of Flam3D member Materialise, will also share his expertise on “meaningful applications with 3D printing and their way to circularity”. It promises to be a fascinating presentation on 3D printing applications, their impact drivers and where there is still room for improvement to achieve circularity. The event will conclude with a reception and networking moment.

Specifically, at the Shaping Matter Event, visitors will have the opportunity to:

  • visit Howest’s facilities related to industrial product design and energy management. They will be happy to explore how they can collaborate with you.
  • participate in “meet the experts Factories for the Future“. These are roundtable discussions in the areas of product design, mechatronics and mechanical engineering, energy management and circularity. In the registration form you can indicate which expert you would like to have a 10-minute discussion with.
  • follow various inspiring presentations.
  • network during the coffee break, lunch, and reception: get to know people in your industry.

Some more practical info:

  • Cost: free as a participant. A no-show fee of €50 applies.
  • Location: Howest Industrial Design Center, Marksesteenweg 58, 8500 Kortrijk.
  • Questions or more info? Contact the organization at or 056 24 12 68.

Are you open to inspiration? More info, the full program, and the possibility to register can be found on the event webpage.